Talking NASA UA Science projects on the podcast today

Geoff Blands joins Patrick and Gene on today's podcast to talk a little about his work at NASA and no doubt the ARC 1.0 committee. (Patrick can't help himself)

Some of you are probably aware of Geoffs work with AEROKATS

The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's Wallops Flight Facility is a major collaborative partner with the ICCARS Project. NASA engineer Geoff Bland developed the AEROKATS program and designs low altitude custom remote sensing platforms craft called Aeropods for agricultural and environmental research purposes. Geoff and his technician Ted Miles have worked closely with us to adapt their program to the needs of middle and high school teachers for STEM education.

We will find out what he's up to now.

Listen live here you can try and ask a question via Twitter or Facebook. If the chaps see it or not is another matter! The clock on the link should show local time to you, but I find it hit or miss! I believe Patrick is still our embedded reporter at Whitesands, doing things of which we cannot speak. Means he has to resort to satellite phones to call in sometimes and the audio quality suffers.


Oh whilst here I noticed there was no Multi Rotor Group on LinkedIN so I started one today, welcome one and all.

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