Task 9.4 : Biomechanical Simulation of Bats and Divine formulas

Hello everyone.

This demonstration simulates flapping movements when the bat lifts up as well as thrusts forward.

We already recognized the fundamental mechanisms of flight of insects and bats through the divine formula. https://youtu.be/5p_oaCjPSS4 https://youtu.be/oYIEECRYmdM This time, Varipon Institute added a mechanism to bend the fingers and fold the wings in the flying of bats. This is feedback of the advanced mechanism cultivated in the research and development of the human swimming stroke so far. https://youtu.be/OOLJuDmayvw

Varipon Institute now provide you the movement modeling data at the official site. You can explore other flapping and add further improvements.

The movement modeling data :


Starting this month, I have been sluggish and have failed a lot. But, one dignified professional activities touched my mind and woke up my cognitive ability. Then, I committed all of the possible modifications, and the whole analysis was completed.
Following the progress of cutting edge technologies, I am constantly pursuing work should be performed by humans.
Artificial intelligence can not establish a theory for the biomechanics which is continuum mechanics.
I have established a new physical movement theory for that.
Until now, I've been converted the voluntary movements of animal bodies into linear movements using the formulas and theorem. This time, I'll explain a realistic solution capable of having more efficient implementation to provide animal type unmanned vehicle.
I present figure always simple. Look at the curves shown by the axis of rotations.
Instead of physically implementing "biomechanical link mechanical arm" which rotates shoulder, we can implant that formulas as invisible arm in an FPGA circuit. Thus we own the control of nonlinear motion of the three axes of shoulder articulation while using three brushless micro motors (which are often used for wind power generation's controlling).
As a remarkable feature of our formulas, We have a big advantage that it can linearly control the nonlinear movement of animal wings optimized for the physical phenomenon of the global environment such as Karman vortex street and Turbulence. This is very advantageous for controlling flocking (swarm behavior) of small animal drones.
As a masterpiece of craftsmanship, it would be worthwhile to physically implement "the invisible formula in the shoulder" as well. However, it is not practical.

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Comment by Yutaca Sawai on October 26, 2018 at 8:07am

Biomechanical simulation of bats' data download

1. Download & Install Blender from here. https://www.blender.org/
2. Download the movement modeling data with Python script from here. http://varipon.com/index.php/download_file/view/456/203/ BFEA-Bat-4... (27.8MB)
3. Select an movement


4. Click the two buttons "Run Script"
5. Shortcut key "Alt + A" = simulation

How to obtain gimbal rotation data for development of bat drones

1. Select an armature object : "bat-flapping.shoulder-right.right" on "Object mode"
2. Change mode to "Pose mode"
3. Shortcut Key "N" to open side menu bar
4. Select a bone : "g_1.y" (or "g_2.x" or "g_3.z" ) on "Pose mode"
5. Change rotation mode to "XYZ Euler"
6. Click the button "Pose" on the menu bar
7. Select "Animation"
8. Select "Bake Action..."
9. Check all options
10. Click the button "OK"


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