TBS Discovery Build + Android droidplanner

Yesterday i got my Team Black Sheep (TBM) Discovery top and bottom plate. Today i started working on te "rebuild".
As for the TBM there are no cleare APM 2.0 mounting hole's so i had to make some. But first the result!


I wanted a clean look, and good reception for the GPS so my APM 2.0 is mounted on top. Here are some picture's of houw i did this.

upside down, the long srews fit in 4 of the 6 hole's at the "center" of the top TBS board.
The APM fit's perfectly on the 4 screw's exactly the same as i had before.
Next, mounting the FPV transmitter.
This is the bottom of the top plate, using the same screws as the one's used for mounting the top.
a bit of velcro and a twrap to sucure the reciever, also on the bottom of the top plate. All together give's a verry clean look. 
Nextup the android planner got the cheapes android 4.0 tablet i found DX.com got it to work whit the Droidplanner
Here is some "proof" that it works whit the A13 tablet. Not at al a fancy video but youll see it in action.
Now i need a way to mount the tablet so i designed this.
as you can see it works, not perfect but for a prototype just fine!
Lastup some remaidening the first flight after the rebuild.
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  • I did, the solution is to install a USB host check app. For this there are a lot of options i used this one


    This fixed the connection problem's for me.

    USB Host Check - Apps on Google Play
    Check if USB host functions are enabled on your Android-powered device. Starting from Android 3.1, applications can use functions of USB host, but m…
  • Imko, I just got the same tablet as you ordered and having connection issues with the app. Did you have any problems connecting? I can get it to work on a galaxy s2, and already have telemetry running fine via my laptop or the galaxy

  • no gps, not sure but i might be able to bleutooth my android 2.* Phone as gps, ill have a go at that. Keep in mind that the tablet is cheap so in my oppinion it works extreamly well for the price.

  • Does that tablet have GPS so that it can do follow me mode?

  • Developer

    That looks as a nice place to fly. If you need some help setting up offline-maps check this out: https://github.com/arthurbenemann/droidplanner/wiki/Offline-Maps

    Ground Control Station for Android Devices. Contribute to arthurbenemann/droidplanner development by creating an account on GitHub.
  • @Arthur Benemann: black map is because i had the setting use offline map's enabled. So human error !!3692735111?profile=original

  • @Arthur Benemann: absolutly! the black map is probebly because i am impacaint (did not load yet ;-) ) ill try this later today

  • Developer

    I hope you enjoy DroidPlanner :).

    I still don't know why your map is black (right side of the screen). Does it look black in google Earth also?

  • @Dave: for sure you  need some wheight at the front! At the first flight i did not level my quad, so i had to compensate with the stick's my COG is just behind the the middel hole of the 3*2 hole's near the back leg's (Where the mark is on the bottom) so it's COG where the COT is. My guess it will do.

    @Stefan Goffertje: i had something similar happening to me, flying fine next second faling out of the sky at about 10m height. Just happend one's but now i have 3 spare leg's (left). I am not afraid to take risk's but know i need some more flight time.

  • Looks good, I was toying with my TBS, APM 2.5 with 750kv motors this weekend. The hardest part so far has been trimming it out. I don't have any FPV gear on the front so with a Nano 4000 3s on the back the drifting is pretty heavy. Rain and pending arrival of my first kid will keep from flying much this week. Did you have any issues with trims?

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