Techpod kickstarter launch .

Hey everyone !

  Finally got all my ducks in a row , got my video together

Techpod Kickstarter page

Your support is very appreciated . I am here to answer any questions .

feel free to pm me if you want . checkout hobbyuav.com for even more info .

Get it while you still can and thank you all for your support and words of encouragement !

 also , went to the annual MAR-C  electric fly in at Marymoore r/c park in Redmond Washington . Had a blast , met dan durbin there . he also had an fpv setup although he was running a cool IP downlink and of coarse an APM2 running telemetry only . Got some cool video for the kickstarter video . They liked the techpod so much the gave me this cool award :-)


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  • Nice pictures you have there btw. Would be cool if you could blog them in the kickstarter project or somewhere else?

    Your page does not have much on the technical details (or it's just too damn weird to navigate to it)

    Will you be able to get the foam as dense as this one in production? I suppose production will be injection rather than milling?

  • Ah I see.

    Indeed, my Bixler EPO wing gets very floppy where the carbon spar ends. But is quite hard where there is one.

    If this scales to wings as long as yours, cool. (Bixler Wings can break off when doing loopings. Did you try? *g*)

    I suppose it's just one rod? I quite like those flat carbon ribbons in the wing as well. They are light and strong.

  • 100KM

    wow ! you guys are awesome. just got home after a night of loading parts and pushing buttons and you guys have raised $1,030 ! and all these comments . I'm on cloud nine.

    Tilman ,

     ya I started drilling out my easyglider wings years ago , replacing the short fiberglass spar with a mostly full span carbon fiber spar . then i would fully glue in the rod with shoo goo . this makes for a bullet prof wing . very rigid torsionally  but allows the wing to bow on high loads .


  • I'm surprised that he choose EPO for those long wings.

    Seems unusual. Good idea?

  • Developer

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks awesoome!

  • Going to call it Mar-c 1?

  • I have been reading all the hard work you have put into this, I wish you good luck. I Pledged the $240 and I am looking forward to flying your plane. For everything you have calculated into the airplane, this is a fantastic bargain. Great work..

  • Hello Wayne,


    All my congratulations four this great achievement !

    I followed you for your techpod 2.0, and I could experience your skills, dedication and kindness.

    I will be one of your backer.

    Jean-Claude from France
  • 100KM
    Thanks a lot Carl . Its been a long road .good to get to the finish line . I will be posting more video on YouTube tonight when I get off work .
  • Congratulations Wayne looks Awesome! Can tell from the video you put a lot into it!

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