techpod1.0 ready to ship


Here is what you get


including :

EPP wings and tail , carbon fiber tail boom , CF wing spars , CF joiner , CF tail spars , CNC cut aircraft grade plywood , polycarbonate front and rear lids , 1/4 turn fastener for front lid , acrylic camera dome , ABS molded engine cowl , all push rods , control horns , balsa sheeting and stock , all needed screws and assorted hardware .

Not included but recommended running gear

motor : E-flight power 10 brushless in runner

ESC : castle creation thunderbird-54

Batteries : thunderpower pro light v2 3S 2600 mah x2 wired parallel

servos : 2x hitec HS-81 (elevator,rudder) 2x hitec HS-55(2x ailerons) 2x HS-5055mg (pan,tilt)

TX & RX Spectrum DX-7

Prop : APC E11x7

camera : CCD Killer Camera Micro NTSC Camera

as of this posting there are only 4 left from this run . the material for 20 more is on the way . will be available in approximately 2 weeks

for the latest news check http://evuas.com

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  • Wane,

    We sure can although I would suggest a traditional mold or 30# density tooling board cut on a 3axis router. The cost of aluminum molds is outrageous. Its mostly due to the milling time. It cost a bit to run that big machine each hr.

    Anyhow the offer is on the table. I will build you a traditional mold for "free" and may be open to cutting one from tooling board on our machine. You can e-mail me at chris@attopilotinternational.com.
  • Price comes up as $175 HERE
  • Your site comes up as not found. Where can we get order and price info?
  • Any price ?
  • 100KM
    @ Carlito
    send me personal message .
    @ Chris
    can you make aluminum molds ?
  • Would you be interested in a mold for a composite version of your fuselage? I like it. Nice and simple.
  • can u post it to Brazil?
  • 100KM
    It can take pretty much anything but a hard nose in . the wings and tail are EPP and are bullet prof . the spars and tail boom are carbon fiber .
  • Thanks for the link. By durability I mean can it take a hit from a hard landing or 10?
  • 100KM
    thanks !
    video here :http://diydrones.com/video/techpod10-remzibi-osd
    what do you mean by durability ? this is meant for hobby purposes , I have not done any extraneous cycle testing . I have flown 1 model for 40+ hours with no problems .
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