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  • I still like just looking at the size of the numbers and the resulting ability to in a way look into the past while predicting the future, the timing and pre calculations are more than impressive! 

    500,000,000,000 meters / speed of light = 1667~ seconds or 28~ minutes to cover one direction, (and I am frustrated with round trip latency that is past 100ms) makes you ponder how far into the past we can look, while at the same time predicting future events while implementing, and using the power of the present 

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  • X-band at around 8.4 GigaHertz

  • Guess 433, not sure 915 is legal in europe:-P
  • did they use 915 or 433 module for telemetry ??

  • This mission started with the launch in 2004! Can you imagine the precision it took to calculate all the navigation to rendezvous with a comet after 10 yeas of adjustment over a year in sleep mode? Then achieve orbit around such a small mass? Then land a robot on it while having the gravity of a pea?

    This mission is right behind astronauts landing on the moon IMO!  Congrats to ESA! What an achievement!

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    4k.m across,but imagine  you are walking across, after 16 or so k.m you will reach the same spot :))

  • So it is a Multi Link Suspension just in the air, neat idea for the retracting gear. 

  • Much more epic event imho

  • quite amazing! great find Gary!

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    Its all pretty amazing considering that comet is only 4km across.

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