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Telemetry kit back in stock

3689413097?profile=originalThe DIY Drones telemetry kit, which proved more popular than we were ready for and quickly went out of stock when we released it back in April, is now back in stock. It now offered at a lower price ($150, a savings of $15 from the previous price) and includes a cable to connect the airborne Xbee module to the APM board.


This kit works great with both APM and Arducopter. Both modules are pre-configured and ready to go, right out of the box. Orders placed now will ship on Monday.

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  • Thanks Chris. That helps.

    Hope I will contribute to this APM project more with my to be gained arducopter skills;)

  • 3D Robotics

    1) Use the 433 MHz one for Europe

    2) The replacement kit includes spare arms, props, and legs. 

    3) Yes, you can unscrew two bolts and they can fold down to something you can put in a backpack or suitcase. 

  • Hi Chris,

    Thank you for the quick reply. Sorry, I just noticed the dates. I live in the Netherlands and want to purchase my first arducopter (Quad-D, Ready to Fly). I have three questions:

    1) In this link, it has 3 options for 'Telemetry': Ready, US or UK. I cannot find the description for 'Ready' and which one would be more suitable to me living in NL and wanting the complete kit for Telemetry?

    2) Before choosing the 'Replacement kit' option, I would like to know what does it contain in general? I cannot find a description for that too.

    3) Are 3DR DIY quadcopters portable (i.e. foldable or easy unscrewing for transport). Maybe a silly question, but I will find it helpful;)

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    Shyam: This is a two-year-old post. The product listing is now here

  • Hi @Chris,

    When I click on the link "back in stock" above, it gives the following error:

    You do not have access to this page. Please contact customer service for further details on accessing this password protected section.

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    Adrian: they went fast! They'll be back in stock again in a week or two. I'm afraid I have no idea what is required for use in Australia. Perhaps some of the Australian users here can answer that.
  • hi just looking at the telem kits the "Quantity in Stock: Please check link below" what link some of the seperate items come up with an error.  could you please tell me if they are in stock and if so is there much involed in updating the firmwear for use in australia.  "we can only use some of the 900 range here"
  • T3
    Looks like it's probably Series 1 as all the Series 2 XBee's on their website say Series 2 on them.
    Hmm...now to figure out if I can deal with two different systems...
  • 3D Robotics
    Healthy: they are this kind:
  • T3
    There are still series 1 and series 2 (actually 2.5) that are available now. The 2.5 is able to do mesh networking while series 1 is limited to point to point and star configurations. It would be nice to know if this was 1 or 2.5 because I plan on creating my own home network for things but would like all my XBees to be the same series so I don't have to worry about the differences between the different kinds.
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