Temperature monitoring in climate change research using UAV thermal imaging

Billions of people suffer the effects of inadequate access to water. Strategies for mitigating and adapting to such outcomes are urgently needed. Maintenance of healthy vegetation is a necessary pre-condition of this globally-preferential state. And for this purpose, a suitable tool is needed to inform how effective this effort is.

Well recognized as stores of carbon, vegetation provide a broad range of less recognized benefits that are equally, if not more, important. Indeed, carbon sequestration can, and perhaps should, be viewed as one co-benefit of reforestation strategies designed to protect and intensify the hydrologic cycle and very important associated cooling.

By evapotranspiring, trees recharge atmospheric moisture, contributing to rainfall locally and in distant locations. Cooling is explicitly embedded in the capacity of trees to capture and redistribute the sun’s energy. This effect can be well observed with our Workswel WIRIS ProSc thermal imager, as shown in Figure 1.

We believe, that in terms of land management, Workswell WIRIS ProSc is a useful tool. And with its help it is possible to localize, visualize and reverse local processes, the cause of which is currently considered global and the processes are considered as locally irreversible.

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