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  • please visit :)

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    More, more information, please. :)))

  • Its custom made by TENGRI powered by an imx6 Quad processor.

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    This is a co-computer


  • Nikola - Gimbal is a DYS Marcia gimbal used for flight testing. After some aggressive flight testing in the video and needs to be tuned.

    Vladimir - apologies the video got posted before explanation could be added.

    This is a co-computer for Pixhawk / PX4 flight controllers that has OSD, 4 analog input cameras, 1 HDMI input camera, and has analog and HDMI video output for analog or digital video transmission (can be used with Connex / DJI Lightbridge). Its for professional use.

  • more information at

  • Nice clean design!

    Your artificial horizon is not consistent with roll and pitch.

    Pitch shows the horizon

    Roll shows the aircraft

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    May be you add a explanation? What we see, what hardware you use and so on...

  • Pretty cool.  Makes you want to have more than one gimbal though.  What gimbal are you using in this video?

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