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  • The next DuePi, for use DronPi and Arduino Due... subsequently code for arduino Due + DronPi... INFO

  • Thanks, but it´s completly beyond my manual skills... I´m more a coder.  Thanks anyway. I hope listen more about the project.

  • Hi.

    Manually assemble at home (air + electric welder, solder paste, x10 microscope).

  • Looks very nice and cleanner.

    Did you assembled or sent to some online service? 

  • Hi.

    PCB v1.0.5 Mounted, tested with arduino Due (code GitHub)

  • Hi.

    OK, thanks.

    You can find  the PCB in dirtypcbs ,v1.0.5 NO tested !!


  • Hi there, 

    Despite the tether, autotrim and autotune, do not forget to check the board vibration. Log that and check the accpetable range... 

    Nice project! Congrats! I would love have on of those boards. How could I buy one?


  • before you attempt autotune, you need to QUARTER default pids for mini frames. also, you need to lower your min throttle (it has different naming across a few latest ACs) to a value which would just start spinning your motors reliably.  

    in most cases mini frame is not the best to try out new flight controllers. 

  • Hi, NO AutoTune, yes AutoTrim, sorry, waiting batteries for AutoTune....

    AutoTune — Copter documentation
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