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  • Gary, the ear plugs didn't work very well with my set up. But it shows potential. Maybe I should've used four instead of just two ear plugs. But the moongel worked so well that I didn't bother trying with other solutions.

  • Excellent and informative video, makes it easy to see the effectiveness of each method.

    I am using Kyosho Zeal gel, Oring suspension mounting and Sorbothane bumps for Flight Control board isolation.

    They all work, but the Zeal gel (very similar to the Moon gel) is overall so far the most effective and easiest to use.

    What were your results with ear plugs?

    I  will directly link to this Blog in the Vibration Control Wiki section of ArduCopter.

    Correction, I have linked directly to it in the Vibration section of the ArduCopter Wiki.

  • The Earplug Solution is a perfect example of a great Do it yourself type modification to improve your aircraft performance. 

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