That Toy Is Now a Drone, Says the FAA


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  • lol

  • Hello this is Johnny re incident report of last week.

    While proceeding at 10' AGL a sudden gust of wind caught my Hubsan and blew it into the neighbors rose bush neatly cutting off one of her prize roses.

    While I appreciate that our neighbor had every right to compensation I believe that you have overreacted by coming out to our home, throwing my Hubsan on the ground and stomping it into a thousand pieces.

    And my parents definitely did not deserve to have a lean for $25,000.00 attached to their house as punitive damages levied against parents of the involved minor child.

    When I get out of reform school in 5 years I will definitely not be a supporter of FAA policy.



    Hello tower? This is little Johnny Smith reporting my flight plans.
    Tower: Go ahead Johnny
    Johnny: I'll be flying in NAS starting in a few minutes. Altitude of 10 to 20 feet AGL. Flying northwest for 20 feet then due east for 20 feet then southwest for 20 feet. Repeating this patterpattern for about 10 minutes. Then I'm gonna go inside pee, get some grape juice and a fresh battery and do it all again. Do you want me to report to you again then?
    Tower: Johnny, those are the FAA rules.
  • What MK said. Ditto
  • it not a coincidence nor is it retaliation against a single person anymore then making drunk driving illegal was to target one person. in the past a few bad FPV users have stupid things and made the people that make the rules upset. so this is the point where those of us who told people like blacksheep were going to ruin it for the rest of us get to say I told you so. 

  • Isn't it a HUGE Coincidence the person who beat the FAA in court His Activity was the first target of its first major ruling after losing that case ? Retaliation would you say ? I'd say easily provable and more than likely what the AMA class action lawsuit will target.

  • It’s my understanding that if it’s not flown for proffit it’s just a toy. It becomes a drone only when it’s used for commercial purposes. The AMA is doing a good job or managing this in the US.




  • Rc Groups has a lot of help over there.
  • I'm sorry am I missing something but this ruling doesn't really change much for most people.

    not saying the rules are right but outside of the few of us that fly FPV or want to do long distance auto pilot flights nothings really changed.

  • The Ad on the right side of my screen right now is for a set of Fat Shark goggles, a bit of irony there.

    Unfortunately, the FAA thinks that the general public is going to respond to it the same way as general aviation pilots.

    They aren't and the resulting reaction should be interesting to watch unless the FAA wakes up first.

    Not much chance of that from what I have seen so far, I've sent in my 2 cents regarding their (proposed interpretation).

    Kind of reminds me of New Speak in 1984, if you don't like the words make up your own.

    There seem to be some people who say the FAA is just doing this to maneuver into what they actually want to get done.

    I don't believe it, like most conspiracy theories, the people involved just aren't that clever, but they really are that stupid.

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