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Tonight we'll do podcast #26, which everyone here is welcome to participate in by listening to the chat live above and commenting and asking questions via the DIY Drones chat function. We'll be starting at 8:00 PM PST not our usual 9:00PM PST time (since our guest is a few timezones ahead of us) and will probably go about 40 minutes.

This week we'll by joined by Daniel Mellinger, who you may or may not know but there's a high probability if you're on DIY Drones you've seen some of his work making quadrotors do very aggressive maneuvers.

As always you can subscribe to the podcast here. Tonight's livecast will be recorded and available as a podcast by Tues of the next week.
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  • The work coming out of this lab is very impressive.

    It is unlikely that I will be available to join the chat tonight and am looking forward to catching the podcast. If anyone that does make the chat shares my interest in the following topics please ask some variant of these questions.

    I am quite interested in what type of control law architecture they are using. I saw some references to vector field control coming out of their lab so my suspicion is that they are not working with conventional PID loops. Any information on the control laws would be great, especially if they are nonlinear.

    What is the magnitude of the measurement error of the MOCAP system?

    What is the control update rate and MOCAP measurement rate?

    How are the flight trajectories generated?

    Is there a schedule for publishing this work?

    On a side note, what does everyone think about generating questions and topics to be posed to future interviewees? More advanced notice of the guests would make this task easier. My guess is that there are more people than myself who would like to ask questions but cannot fit the chats into their schedules.
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