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  • Hi!

    Is it possible to use this app controlling the Newq-bot micro quad from hobbyking - connecting the RF module to the iPhone? Or must I use some kind of adapter..??

  • @Max, I found an original post with diagram here:

    Although it is in Chinese, but you can figure out the diagram in attached photos

  • Developer

    @Jason, @Max, I believe the wiring would be quite simple. You just need to power the module (Futaba or JR) and send PPM to it's PPM IN. E.g: an FRSky JR module has the following pinout (from top to bottom): PPM IN, N/C, VCC, N/C, GND.

    What iPhly originally does is getting the audio from iPhone and using an operational amp chip for outputting a clean digital pulse trail from this amplitude modulated audio. If it were a microprocessor generated PPM signal you wouldn't need any fancy stuff like that. There is just a tricky part easy to deal though: Futaba and some others expect an inverted PPM pulse.

    I think it's simple like that. I hope I'm not missing something else. =)

  • Developer


    Please post the connection diagram. 

  • Yes, we adapt this from iPhly

  • T3

    Is this similar to the iPhly that came out a while ago?

  • If the sensors of iphone could be taken advantage, that would be great. I wonder if we can use this setup to be a FPV headtracker. 

  • 楼主,请问有没有iphone音频输出到tx module的成品转换电路?

  • Developer

    Any information or link to connecting a micro to that transmitter module?


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