Let me ask you, what is the difference between the two?

Do not go for the obvious like size and color, both batteries are the same width and height but the white one is less than half the length.and about half the weight as well.

They are also both the same voltage, but the brown is 14v 3000Mah

the white one is 14v 4000Mah.

In case you didn't know these are lithium Ion batteries.

They charge to the same voltages and discharge to the same voltages, they can be used with the same chargers as lithium polymer batteries but as you can see are much smaller and more durable.

This is because they are similar to AA batteries, they have a metal casing.

This means any crashes are less likely to kill your battery.

So I will be building these packs to sell on for you guys.

You can build them yourself if you like just have a google for some sources to buy the cells from.

I am planning to sell 4500Mah 4s  size wise they are a tad smaller than a 2200Mah 3s Lipo and a bit lighter.

I am aiming to sell them for about £8-£12, a equivalent lipo

(cheapest on hobbyking was £21.50)

And 4s 1000Mah

This is about half the size of the white pack above.

The reason i wont be selling the white pack 4000Mh 4s is due to supply issues but i may in the future.

but in the future i want to expand

3s 45000Mah 

3s 4000Mah

and custom batteries will also be on the agenda.

If you are interested in these packs, have a look on blog history, another member of DIYdrones has posted about them previously,

and if you would like to buy a pack now, i will start selling the 4500Mah packs in about 3 weeks after further testing and built technique experimenting.

Just PM me.

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  • But i do think these are ideal for micro nd mini multirotors

  • So, i have done some more testing and have to agree with the statement, these packs are not for sports or heavy lift multirotors

    but also with this in mind, use higher KV motors to compensate for the lower current output..

    but even audibly i can hear lower RPM from motors when comparing lipo to li-ion

  • Slight update, i was researching and it appears that cells in parallel do in fact balance themselfs.

    for a 2000MAH battery the typal balance time is a few hours when badly unbalance and a few minutes when slightly unbalanced, bso when you have used a pack in flight, from the moment of disconnect they will balance out.

    This means multiple call packs are not really an issue as long as long as you leave an appropriate mount of time after flying say an hour or so.

    For most people who really obsess over cell maintenance, you would leave about 30minutes before charging lipos after use due to chemical processes and heat.

  • Looks good Gary - glad to have helped.  Has anyone seen a mass for these packs?

  • Nothing Negative, Stephen, it was fine for general interest value, but it was becoming more of a distraction than an asset.

    I have continued to upgrade the battery page and have now included general LiPo specification info.

    Also have redone the table in a more rigorous format.

    Total Mass (weight) of the batteries in the chart is in there with links to the pages containing the information.

    (Getting a lot better at HTML tables).

    And both Stephen and Quadzi, thank you again for the contribution, I think the battery page is really beginning to shape up.

    Best Regards,


  • Thank you Quazi and I stand corrected.  The Fuel Cell line was a mistake and I have no problem with being corrected.  The spreadsheet was really for my benefit and when I stumbled across the fuel cells I just put in a rough ballpark figure to see how they stacked up against the others.

    Also I have not seen any weights for the batteries that are the subject of the post - in the morass did anyone post the mass of the cells or packs?

  • Hi Jared,

    Are you using a capacitive spot welder to assemble these or are you using pre-tabbed batteries?

    Also, are these NCR 18650 type batteries?

    I notice in the UK Lithium batteries are only sendable by courier now.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Stephen and Quadzi,

    Very Much appreciate the chart and will amend my chart accordingly, but I am going to not include the horizon fuel cell in my battery page in any case.

    The reality is that it is a fuel cell and not really a battery and direct comparison is always going to be ambiguous.

    It would be much better included in a page comparing various power sources, (batteries, engines, fuel cells, SNAP generators et cetera).

    And of course it has pretty much no relevance to the 99.9 percent of us who don't at this time have the money or opportunity to even think of using a fuel cell.

    Photovoltaics are actually much more realistically implementable by us than fuel cells and they are pretty marginal.

    I am really hoping to put together a significant and useful page about batteries for our uses that is good for ordinary and cutting edge applications.

    So I am very appreciative of the information from both of you and will certainly be happy to accommodate any input you feel is worthwhile as best I can.

    Batteries and battery technology are critically important to our UAV community and I intend to provide a comprehensive and appropriate page that adequately (and accurately) covers it.

    Thank you both for your contributions.

    Best Regards,


  • Stephen - There is no reason not to publish technical posts here, even if you are not entirely correct.  But you must be open to peer review, or at least amenable to the idea of correcting obvious errors in what you are publishing.  Putting incorrect information out there then refusing to fix it just makes work for others.

    Gary - Please find a corrected and expanded version of Stephen's Chart below for your use.  Note, among other things I have added columns for both continuous and peak power density (highly relevant to the application and this thread).


  • Sorry I meant I will delete them and just put in the figure from the fuel cell people if that will make you happy.  Gee no wonder nobody posts anything remotely technical anymore.....

    Gary - Please delete the fuel cell figure and put in the official figure that Mr Quadzimodo put up - I am sure that is more accurate.

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