The European Commission has today proposed to set tough new standards to regulate the operations of civil drones (or "remotely piloted aircraft sytems" – RPAS). The new standards will cover safety, security, privacy, data protection, insurance and liability. The aim is to allow European industry to become a global leader in the market for this emerging technology, while at the same time ensuring that all the necessary safeguards are in place.

Civil drones are increasingly being used in Europe, in countries such as Sweden, France and the UK, in different sectors, but under a fragmented regulatory framework. Basic national safety rules apply, but the rules differ across the EU and a number of key safeguards are not addressed in a coherent way.

The new standards will cover the following areas:

  • Strict EU wide rules on safety authorisations. 
  • Tough controls on privacy and data protection.
  • Controls to ensure security. 
  • A clear framework for liability and insurance.
  • Streamlining R&D and supporting new industry.


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    Guys and girls please be mindful of your language we do have younger robotics enthusiasts visiting this site. 

  • i dont want to say it..but i ll tell it ...fuck stupid european politicians..i am greek not european...i don t like european laws.evertyhing it good only for big industries ...nothing else..

  • what is so sad about our screwwwwwwwed up planet is that there are already laws on the books that protect privacy. the fact that technology changes is no reason to ignore current statutes because some weak minded freaks are running around screaming panic and the sky is lower. BFD. one peeping tom laws exist and should be inforced. 2 i can take your picture anytime or where i want, in public. if you don't like that then stay in your crate. iI damage your property by accident it is no different than a baseball breaking a window. simple business insurance should prevail there if it is used in the performance of a job. A large drone have nothing to do with a person enjoying a freedom of self expression. police use them so what.

    we have an expression here in cambridge maryland about a police state, 'Our big brother is a big retard'

    when the pc came out and it was abused the morons we call our elected officials, could not understand privacy and ownership as it applies to personal property. if it was not so pathetic it would be laughable.

  • A petition doesn't help against the EU Commission because the EUC is under no democratic control.

    Additionally, now we have elections to the EU parliament coming up in 2014, so political parties need to show profile and action. And drones - or - drone-related privacy panic are a major topic of the whole green and left spectrum as well as drones are a major topic for the conservative spectrum who traditionally wants to please big corporations and  is suspicious of certain technologies in the hand of citizens (keyword drone-journalism, etc.)

    But I am working already for over 7 months on that topic and will soon go hot with a campaign. Give me a bit more time. We're dealing with well funded lobby organizations which have huge corporations behind them and a very complex bureaucratic apparatus which is convinced of the validity of it's self-legitimation.

  • What about a petition to stop this? I think you can petition the EU to stop any law if you get enough votes.

    If we spread this to enough people, making a strong point on what a huge wedge this will be to economic growth, in agriculture etc, then we can gather votes from a lot of people. I think the important thing to stress is to look at how drones benifit everyone regardless of political color. The greens should be excited about how drones can limit the use of pesticides, the blues are obviously excited about economic growth in general. The liberals should really be made aware of how highly democratizing drones are, in media and more. The far left, well, those guys should at least be aware that they'll be loosing their only tool to get footage of police brutality at demonstations.

    I really think it's a bad idea to get in the mindset that, one political color or another have nothing to gain from drones, going into discussions with such a premise already puts one in a defensive and agressive position, which will likely lead those that one believes are negative towards drones into confirming ones prejudices

    All DIY-ers and drone operators in the EU really need to get behind stopping this, it's by far the biggest threat towards commercial drone adoption in the EU. I believe terrible compared to the current state of drone legislation in the US.

  • True that Stefan.

    democracy is just another word for free for all.

  • Insurance costs is the least of the problems here.

  • @ Stefan Gofferje
    Great comments, thanks:
    I need nothing to add.
    And yes you are right about the EU Commission it’s NOT democratically elected body.
    Keep it up, great work!!
  • Leading the way to hades in a handbasket, actually it is kind of important to protect others. simple guide lines of usage like model rocketry.  air space and dwelling clearance, not snooping on people. and being careful not to scare old ladies.  but beyond that laws and rules that come from the fearful and over important morons who can't fly one let alone make one should really focus on puppy molesters and parking scuflaws.

  • It's forbidden temporarily until new regulation be adopted (june or july) and only for professional purposes. For recreative uses, there are multiple local regulations, but basically, we can only fly in rc airfields. Not to fly over people, constructions, roads, events etc
    I think there is no problem if you fly in your backyard. But if your neighbour claims you, may you have problems.

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