the First Generation Prototype of HeX

After hard working for several months, we're finally able to announce the birth of a prototype of HeX

3689488569?profile=originalThe hexagonal frames are made by a 3D printer. They cost us nearly 1300 USD.

3689488658?profile=originalAll the components are successfully hidden inside of the centerpiece. 

Allow us to show off a little bit from different angles. Yeah! We're a little overexcited!



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  • the indoor trial of HeX' takeoff is coming. 

    yes, the landing gear clashes with the body frame. It's just a makeshift choice temporarily and will be replaced.

    We now use the Flight Controller from Dajiang (the same company producing the pluggable tube frame as Ramboky recommended). Our own controller is still under improving and debugging which is adopted from the open source project MultiWii.  

  • To Ramboky,

    thanks so much about the tip. I think the next step of HeX is going to be like this. And where can I find more details about DJI S800?

  • To Andrew,

    I'm sure your help will be appreciated. The time difference might cause some trouble. But like you said, we can find out a way somehow. We're about to launch the fund raise soon and will keep you updated about where we are at it. Keep in touch.

  • I definitely would be interested in helping if the help is appreciated (I'm all the way in England atm but I'm sure I could help out somehow). Another thought you may or may not have had for cheap parts for the casing is vaccuum forming, but I'm not sure how fussed you are on accuracy - but it would definitely produce these kinds of body shapes at a much cheaper price?

  • Thank you all for your comments. Always feel happy to know we're doing something people like.

    to Duran,

    You're right. It's a little bit pricey as a DIY stuff. But we hope to reduce its price greatly if it can by produced in volume. Now we're talking to some consultant companies to help us on that. So far as we know, the price might drop to 160 USD with 100 sets of the body frame. 

    And it's true we've got a small problem that HeX spins a little by itself when it hovers at a very low altitude. It must be caused by the bouncing-back air streams that push the body frame. And we think because of the enlarged surface of the body frame its resistance to side winds will be reduced. But since we haven't got a chance to bring it out to an open area to have a true test, so any results coming in I will update here. 



    to Tim, Todd and Ramboky,

    Thanks very mush. the positive comments always act as a big motivation letting us know we might be on the right track. 

    As to the modular design, we hope in future when it can be sophisticated enough to produce in volume, users don't need to be a pro or veteran to assemble their drone. All they need to do is to clutch those dynamic units onto the centerpiece. 3689481564?profile=original

    But there is still much work to be done to get there. Money is the biggest problem we have right now. So we're planning to lay down a pledge on Kickstarter to raise fund and help us to get there. HeX at this stage is still facing those drone-making enthusiasts who have the willingness, knowledge and abilities to assemble a HeX for themselves. 

    As to the price, we estimate that it could be 800$ to 1000$ with the cool body frame and 150$ or 200$ less without the body frame it depends on whether we can successfully raise some fund and use that fund to have a manufacturer produce the body frame for us. 

    to Andrew,

    :P, great minds think alike. If we can raise that fund on Kickstarter, we will be needing the help fromtalented and enthusiastic people in this field. I don't know if you're interested. 

    to Alexsey,

    You're right. It turns out heavier than we expected. We do need to find another way to have the body frame produced. We need the body frame to be  strong and light. 


  • Nice prototype George,  this is how innovation is made.  Looking forward to seeing how you incorporate the modular aspect of your design.  What is your price point though? Keep us posted.

  • it looks very heavy

  • I was considering doing something along these lines, with a modular Hexacopter using an almost identical bodyframe (had never seen your work before this though) but looks like you beat me to it :P looks nice though, how much lift can you get from it with those motors and props?

  • Great design!!!

  • The design looks great, but not very practicle and pricey (??) What's the advantage of the actual airframe compared to a tube design ?


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