The Future of Agricultural Drones


Where is the agricultural drone industry headed?

Agriculture is the second largest commercial market for drones after construction, and contributes $32 billion worth of services to farmers, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Global Market Insights predicts the agricultural drone market size will pass $1 billion, and 200,000 units, by 2024. Plummeting costs of drone, camera and sensor technology and more sophisticated software are contributing greatly to the adoption level.


Can drone software help with food security?

By making farms more efficient and boosting production, drones, and the software that runs on them, can adapt to the world's rising population and combat world food shortages. By applying fertilizer with precision, drones reduce greenhouses gases in the atmosphere, fighting climate change. And by monitoring for pests and diseases, drone software improves the quality of our crops and the quality of our food.


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