The High Tech Line

What is the High Tech Line? Wingsuit base jumpers call the tracks they fly down "lines". The High Tech Line is what you see here ... lines that are flown with high tech equipment. Little lower, little better glide angle ... and a little less dangerous :)

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  • remembers me of that one guy who attached his cellphone on his quadrocopter to record his flight, and then lost signal. He searched for two weeks in the woods until he finally found it. You can actually see him walking by several times on the video ;), so i guess you got lucky with just 5 hours!

  • 5 hours total :)

  • How long did it take to recover the wing from the last crash there?

  • Ouuuuuuhhhh....hours of hiking through  the bushes...been there, done that.  Definitely beats whacking a rock like Jeb Corlis though. 

    Awesome videos as always!

  • ...and you can finish the line like you did ^^

  • Was wondering how many trees you crashed into & had to climb down to on foot.

  • Spectacular! as Always ! Have a Great day Trappy thanks for sharing!

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