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  • Ok but why not a tail sitter ? You are never going to get a long range performance of a plane in a quadrocopter. Mind you that even a tailsitter won't be as efficient as a typical plane but it's much better than a quad. The design has to balance the needs for VTOL manoeuvrability and range. In many cases the end user wants something that is basically a plane but can land&TO vertically and hover for a while.

  • your concept look a bit the Fairey Rotodyne. nice look.


  • Seems like you also might have an issue with angular momentum.  I think on a standard plane the rotors spin in opposite directions, but in a quadcopter the diagonal opposite rotors spin in the same direction.   

  • Does not look flight worthy.  How has something this doofy gotten to this stage?

  • Looks like Augusta Westland's project zero...
  • i dont understand where they put " a lot of cargo" in the DARPA project...

  • What is that picture of. Its awesome!!

  • :O  impressive !!!!

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