The new forums need YOU!


By now everybody must be aware of the excellent new wiki's that the team has been putting hours of work into and really doing a fine job of it. You might have also seen the Community drop down menu at the top of the page at under that you will see a links to here and APM Forum, this is where our forums will migrate to over time. 

Stefan has done an excellent job of improving the functionality of the forums, making it less spammy in the process.

Its attracting questions from wiki users now and as such we need some more of the experts that hang out here to be on hand to help new users there.

The platform that this website uses is about to undergo a major change and this will give us an opportunity to make this site a little more curated with the best of peoples builds and ideas getting more attention. 

So come on over to the new forums and lend a hand. 


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  • Does anyone other than Hugues prefer Ning forums over the commonly used forum softwares like PHPBB or vbulletin?

    I personally find the ning forums so useless I don't bother with that part of the site.

  • Addition...

    If you check the "forum help and feedback" subforum, you can see that users already made suggestions which were incorporated into the forum, such as changing font sizes, etc.

    We are also still working a lot in the background and new features and improvements are added frequently.

  • Hugues:

    Me and the whole team are really open for a fact-based discussion and for suggestions. Of course, we cannot make everything a reality, due to platform limitations but it is our goal to provide a well working support platform.

    So if you point out tangible problems and make constructive suggestions, we will surely look into them!

    Just please understand that expressions like "awful" or "unusable" are very little helpful in that respect :).

  • RD:

    That is correct. The new site is - well - a new site. Physically a totally different server and also a totally different software platform. Besides that, I think, it wouldn't make much sense to simply move/copy all accounts over, even if it was possible, because the new forum is for tech support and not every DIYD user is here for tech support.

  • MR60

    @stefan, you're right about caps, sorry about that, I always forget it gets perceived as aggressive. It was not the intent of my caps but rather to emphasize some point.

    About RC groups, I am very little active over there because their forum is even more awful. You do not find easily what you want and it is too complex. 

    I'd really like if you could port the same  functionality from this forum to the new one; after all nobody cares about the underlying technology.

  • It is not clear but I believe we must register on the new site.

    Our DIY Drones accounts are not transferring automatically...that would be a big job.


  • Admin

    Hi All,

    I believe one reason for this change is to better support the evolving future of the UAS community as a whole.

    Therefore the intent of this move is to provide DIY Drones more space for addressing the expanding needs of the UAS community in relation to legislation, future developments, and the community environment in general.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

  • Yes, it is :).

    To be honest, the blog post came a bit early and a few things are still under work.

    As for the disclaimer, I can darken the red a bit to make it less aggressive :).

    About the trust, please reinspect the text: "3D Robotics has not approved or endorsed the contents of this forum unless otherwise stated"

    Of course, support replies of 3DR support techs will be "approved and endorsed". Support techs are distinguished by color and their signature will show a notification.

    Otherwise, you should always utilize common sense and some scrutiny when accepting advice in a public internet forum, especially when this advice is in regard to operating a vehicle that could present a danger to yourself and others!

    On the other hand, you have to understand the need for risk management by 3DR. 3DR is no backyard hobby enterprise anymore. They are the world's leading manufacturer for open source SUAS control systems! As such, it is imperative to keep a watchful eye on potential liabilities and make sure, they don't get sued if some guy crashes a 10kg camera ship into a crowd of people due to advice given by a non-employee in the support forums.

  • Moderator
    If this IS the official support site for 3DR then it is NOT comforting to see the bright red disclaimer from 3DR at the top of every page. Makes me uncomfortable to trust some responses, especially if it's from a 3DR techie!!
  • No, I interpret use of ALL CAPS and increased use of emotionalizing and "strong expressions" instead of factual discussion as negative agitation.

    In my opinion, there is a limit as to how much to involve a community. DIYD has over 40000 users. If you start a community voting process on everything, you will not get anywhere.

    And there is also a limit as to about what a community may decide. While the community is important to 3DR, 3DR still is a commercial company and there rightfully are limits to how far a community is involved into 3DR's business decisions.

    3DR is at a point where it simply made sense to move the tech support away from DIYD, because of the limitations of the Ning platform and the amount of content. There is simply too much stuff going on on DIYD, so the tech support had to be split off and moved to a new platform.

    Besides, you seem to get along just fine on RC-Groups which is very similar in operation to the new APM forum.

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