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  • Well, the WSJ has done a guide to, "hip drone shots."

  • Happy to see those guy doing the innovations. BTW I always wonder what 3DR has invented? Or I got the 3DR hype - talk wrong and they don't claim to have invented something? I find nothing that hasn't been done before (compassmot? followme? Sensorfusion PH? all done years before.

    Parrot actually pushing things ahead! Thank you guys!

  • Hi Emin,

    One of the sites actually said that GoPro itself just announced they were going to be releasing it in June.

    I am skeptical too, spent 4 months with this supposedly coming out last Christmas only to have it turn into the 3+.

    I honestly think they just couldn't get the new A9 chip to work for them in time.

    GoPro gets lots of rumors.

    Here is the announcement that said June, courtesy of Rob above (not holding you to it Rob, really).

  • Thanks for explanation Gary...where did you get information gopro4 is going out in June instead in October like always?

  • Hi Emin,

    As it is now, GoPro has a lock on the market, virtually all action cam gimbal mounts are only made for GoPro and it is hard to adapt them to a long format camera like the Sony.

    But the ASV100 does have one thing the GoPro doesn't, apparently, for the first time a stabilization mode that actually works on a multicopter.

    This means that there is the possibility of using it without a gimbal mount and that is really useful, especially if you want to film using a smaller copter.

    On the AS100V the stabilization is digital and it is apparently accomplished with the aid of 2 to 1 oversampling basically in stabilization mode the sensor is still twice as big horizontally and vertically as the 1080P picture that is being extracted.

    Also it still has enough additional surplus at the edges to allow for frame displacement.

    Of course the big thing is to manage to process all that using the built in gyro to produce a stable image.

    For bigger video cameras the Sony Balanced Optical Steady Shot appeared to be phenomenal, one of their early videos showed it producing rock stable video while it was strapped to an industrial shaker table.

    However, recently checking their product line it appears that the BOSS system is being phased out, only still on a few cameras and only one or two remaining handycams.

    Pure speculation, but my guess is too many mechanical problems and perhaps early failure.

    I'll probably get one of the AS100V's and several months after the GoPro 4 comes out I'll probably get one of those too, but I have learned the hard way not to get a new model of GoPro when it first comes out.

  • can some of you compare this sony stabilization with Panasonic OIS inside lens stabilization or Olympus inside iwe heard this are the all know sony is dead when new go pro is out....

  • Agree with Rob, so far the AS100v looks surprisingly good for stabilization and it looks like it does have analog out via the Sony expansion connector (completely without documentation however).

    And then there are the new rumors starting up again about the 4K GoPro 4 (supposedly June this time).

    We will soon need a new Blog Post about both these cameras. 

    In the meantime, sorry for hijacking the thread from this fantastic little quadcopter who's primary problem seems to be you can't get it yet.

  • We should start a new discussion about the Sony...

    Gary, it does indeed appear to have true analog video out?

  • OK, I've found the manual and discovered a few things about the Sony AS100v.

    First here is a video of it in a PhantomV2:

    Looking at the video, there is a small amount of jerkiness at times, but no real jello and solid motion transitions.

    The copter itself is vibrating like a - vibrator, so stabilization is actually doing a really good job.

    Also, because of GPS map and speed overlay stuff on screen, the MB update rate is suppressed more than 2 to 1 so it's amazing it looks as good as it does.

    For best picture you really want to shoot in pro mode stabilized with no overlays.

    Colors are very well saturated (vivid mode) and resolution is very sharp considering overlays.

    My thought is that it would make a very good video recording camera even without a brushless gimbal, but it would need a little bit of rubber isolator type vibration suspension. 

    Only small camera I've seen yet that can honestly produce acceptable 1080P results without a brushless gimbal.

    The other thing is that I doubt that it would work for RC FPV, it outputs in HDMI at full recording resolution and although you can get a hdmi to composite cable, what good does 1080P do you as far as connecting to an affordable transmitter - a down converter maybe, but more expensive and clunky than solution B.

    B: A lot simpler to just put in a real FPV camera in parallel with it.

    @Rob, from the extreme videos I've seen of some of the stabilization uses, I doubt saturation will be much of a problem, it seems like the first really good wide frequency non-mechanical stabilization.

    My little JVC is no where near as good.

    Inferring from the sensor size specs and from the slightly "shrunken" version of the stabilized 1080P picture you can be pretty sure that the stabilized 1080P subframe is twice as big in pixels as 1080P's 1920 x 1080 so 3840 by 2160, this gives you a lot of room to even out the stabilization window even in roll.

    There is another advantage to shooting in stabilize mode too. Since the picture is physically smaller, the fisheye effect isn't as pronounced.

    The fisheye effect is still noticeably more pronounced on the Sony than it is on the GoPro however.

    And the doesn't have the hardwired no loss 1080P digital 2 and 4 to 1 zoom capability of the GoPro (which has almost no fisheye.

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