The perfect anti-vibration foam


I found the PERFECT foam for the gyros and mags for anti-vibration on the AreoCopter
You all have heard and seen the commercial for Tempurpedic mattress
where the girl jumps on one end and the glass of wine on the other end
that doesn't spill ?
Look them up on the internet and request a free sample. Perfect size and
it REALLY kills the vibration, especially on ArduCopter.
Put this stuff in the Professional housing box under and around the mega and you will be all set.

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  • Argh !

    Can't have one fom Europe .... sniff
    Any chance a nice soul located in US can send me one ? I d def pay for the letter fees !!!!!

    Great tip, Thanks a lot  !!!!
  • In an attempt to inject a new thought, here is a partial idea based on what is used in some very sensitive lithography equipment in semiconductor processing: heavy mass. Not maybe something practical in a UAV where mass is a premium. The idea is that with proper balance between elastic and dampening forces, having the IMU mounted on something heavy will give it a lower natural frequency of response or at least dampen amplitudes. Think along the lines of having the IMU mounted on a 2 ounce lead block which is in turn mounted on thin layer of foam. That would be pretty wasteful weight-wise, but this is the jist of the idea. What you probably don't want is a dumb heavy mass bobbling around on too-weak foam.
  • Toby, thanks :)
    Just ordered some for my friend in the USA hehe :P
  • Developer
    At least I have mounted all my APM's directly to ArduCopter frame with a screw and never had any problems with it. I have anohter quad that I use now "gyro-tape" to mount APM on it.. Can't see any differences between those.

    That's why we are using those rather good vibration resistant gyros. I'd say bigger effect you can get by balancing your props with a piece of scotch tape or similar.

    I will test this one too to see if it makes any difference or not.
  • Got the 4"x4"x3/8" of 50 durometer sorbothane today. This stuff is heavy. The piece weighs 4oz, or a quarter pound. So no really great for small UAV's, but it seems fantastic. I can't really describe how it feels. Like a gel mat, but not really :)
  • Greetings and salutations,

    free piece of tempurpedic memory foam is available here for those who don't already know..
  • Developer
    I wrapped my IMU with a foam for tool box liner it is 2 mm thick from Harbor Freight 3 sheets 24" x 12" $4
    and for crash protection I use Magic Scrubber sponges $2
  • T3
    I use any velcro I can find. But note this is for electric machines with low vibration - the requirement is once attached it must stay the same for years (not that the machines will last that long when used intensively, but because I don't want to spent any time thinking about it in the future).
    For gas and easystars I have used indeed lots of foam like ppl say here but never happy with it.
  • Admin

    Zeal Z8006 is not a foam. It is a gel based material. I have ordered two sheets from for use on my Twinstar II and Aeroquad quadrarotor controllers. If you do a search, you will find sufficient information on the Zeal gel material on the web.

  • Totally agree. I do my best to stay away from those extreme temps ;)

    So the suggestions are:

    Dean, Chris, Earl - Memory foam
    Kris – Velcro
    Masterbaker – Zeal
    Ravi – Sorbothane
    Jamie – Rubber vibration dampener

    Any other suggestions or experiences?

    So far beside Zeal foam which I can’t find any data on, I think Kris may have the best all weather suggestion.

    Kris, do you use the soft cloth type of Velcro or the harder plastic type?
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