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The rules for amateur UAVs going forward

Folks, As you know the FAA is midway in a long rulemaking process to figure out how to integrate UAVs in the national airspace, but the bottom line from the inititial recommendations are as follows: For us (non-commerical hobbyists), you must stay within these limitations: --fly within line of sight --under 400' alt --under 30 knots --under 4.4lb --Fly at least 3 miles from any airport As you're designing your airframes, keep these limits in mind!
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  • yay, they let up...now...what if i climbed on my roof....technically...

    however if i remeber my calc, this means i
    1) have to go back with my small airframe...
    2) can't do anything fun as i live in a heavily wooded area
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    Funnily enough, we use a balloon for stills photos sometimes and have joked that we have string altitude and position hold. It wanders about in the breeze a little so I guess we now need IMU string.
  • The vendors just might for uncertified systems...
  • For ultimate safety your UAV must be tethered to a pole with elastic so its guaranteed to come back. Surprised no-one has suggested that.
  • They need to (and I'm sure they will) tighten up their definitions on comp and hire. FAR Part 1.1 and 119
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    But if I get any commercial gain, lets say I'm a real estate agent and I take photos of the properties I am going to sell?? I'm not selling the pictures to myself but I would be benefiting from their appeal, otherwise why would I bother??

    From fullsize I know commercial gain can become a thorny subject.


  • No you can hobby AP right up to the runway if you get permission. Hobby anything has to fit into the AMA safety code. If you aren't operating under the code, you get less.

    RE: the head in the sand.
    No one really likes to hear this stuff but... the reality is that we are going to have to deal with it. Regulatory denial I guess.
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    Ok thanks for that, just juggling the diary a little, might pop over to Paris next month if I can get a slot.

    You will have to blag us into one of the cocktail parties.

    Must admit I am amazed at how low the reponse to this is across the forums.

    Head in sand I guess.

    Whats the situation with AP then??

    Anything commercial, becomes a UAS therefore no allowed?
  • If anyone is interested I have some avenues to exploit on the federal level. PM me if interested.
  • The AMA has their hands full with just keeping the regular show rolling. They have shown (AMA) with FPV that they are willing to entertain new ideas and technology. It is the FAA and not the AMA that are the problem. The FAA, manned interests and the vendors have no interest in seeing open source type autopilots flying in the NAS. Certification will more than likely be developed within the framework of the ASTM and or RTCA. All of your buddies populate the committees and it is a multi-year commitment to work in. The SRM panel has the recommendation now and no, we don’t have many friends on that panel.

    The rest of the world is not getting it either. e.g. Eurocae or CAP 722
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