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We have published a guide at work, it includes a bit about just how accurate surveys are without ground control points. That should be of interest here. 

This will be released on a six month rotation and include commercial operator lists from around the world (The next one just 333's right now) I would love to know what you would like to read about in the next one, and I will try and find it!

Here's how surveyor Luke Wijnberg summed up his article.

“The uncertainty of the data issued can cause the client to make costly mistakes when doing earthworks or other quantity calculations. It is not sufficient to issue information as accurate and absolute because the processing software says it is. The surveyor needs to remember his training and apply first principles when undertaking this type of survey as there is certainly a potential for exaggerated results.”

Other subjects include:-

  • The Wimberly Floods : Search and Rescue

  • Five skills you need to succeed in the commercial drone market.

  • Developing an Unmanned Aircraft Culture of Safety

  • Five tips for navigating the drone fad

  • Drones 2.0 Drone Traffic Control

  • Super Drones : An interview with the creator of R2D2

  • Project Artemis : Visual Navigation for flying robots.

  • Drones as a service

Read the free guide here

We are already planning our next one due out the end of June so if you have any submissions direct them at Tiaan, contact details at the back of the guide.

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  • @Gary,  There are a lot of 15 year-olds out there, and most would agree with your son! Thanks for publishing the guide.

  • Moderator

    I think it would be quite cheeky on my part! Besides it is free to read online, the intention was never to make money out of end users! As my 15 turning 50 year old son says to me all the time, information wants to be free ;-) So here is a .PDF of this one

    The sUAS Guide - Issue 1.pdf
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    Thanks Gary. Is it against DIYdrone's TOS for you to post a link to the purchasable copy? 

  • Moderator

    No I'm afraid not, there is a print version to buy.

  • Is there a PDF version of this anywhere?

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