The Walkera Ufo 5 is perfect for beginners

what i did not like about the walkera 5 is this:

The appearance i mean not bad but still not a uav it's a cookie cooker image.

Now that i got that out of my system let's move on. If you have not read my previous blog i suggest you do.

I recently sold my gaui 330x original version but i needed something to fly not too pricey and spare parts ready available. until i find a u-3d- ufo with funpilot too buy at a 30 percent savings. I decided to buy the walkera ufo 5 about 169.00 plus shipping. I was pleasantly surprised with this quadcopter it's easy to fly, very stable and excellent for beginners and i mean excellent. Unlike the advertising pros who trick consumer in to buying something that is marketed for beginner and is not ,leaving the consumer's pocket feeling a bit lighter.

The pros: Very easy to fly and stable, a good design, spare parts are easy to find,affordable and can be flown indoor , outside on calm days and it is pretty durable. The cons: Medium power ,the motor are brushed.

Oh and getting back to the appearance of the copter well i made a few changes and very soon i am doing the propeller mod. I had to make it look like a real quadcopter I thought the original appearance of the copter looked a little cheesy.

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  • Thank you. I will keep that in mind. Like I said, don't know enough to know what I don't know.


  • I would hold off on the xairceaft until you findout weathed you will like quad because of cost. The gua S version would be the best. Because it's cheap to repair and easy fix and like I said before if you buy used you can save a lot of money. Good luck
  • Thank you for all the advice. I have been looking at a lot of videos and reading a lot and at this time I am leaning trod the XAircraft 650. Can't find too much about the learning curve from a coaxial  heli to the quad. Any words of advice.Still a long way from buying, just trying to learn as much as I can before hand.


  • and also look at the quai 330xs here is a video link if you choose this one buy it used from forum like Rcgroups you can save at least a 100,00 goodluck

  • Thank you. No problem with the delay. Like I said, will not be getting anything for a few months. Some medical stuff to clear up first.


  • For the cost and the fact that walkera did not upgrade the motor from brushed to brushless stay away and look at a used Xaircraft. Sorry for the delay in my response but i have been very busy
  • I read all the posts and am still not sure if UFO5 is a good ting or not. I want to beleave that it is. I want to get a quad of some kind to do some photos. Have a coxal heli and think I am ready to move up. Will be waiting a a few months before I make the leap. Hoping someone will post something that will convince me one way or the other.


  • I had a great experience with mine had to replace a motor but that comes with the hobby. Walkers is not known for there quality but cheap price . I stand by my comments if you want something more advanced and better quality it will cost you between 500-1000 dollars not the type of money most beginner wants to spend.
  • I have an original Walkera UFO that has been hanging from my celing on a thread since the day after I bought it. The unit was terribly unstable and only usable outdoors with LOTS of room. I would immediately give it power to get 4 feet off the ground, but it would wobble severely and then flip over and power itself into the ground. I didn't break anything but the styrofoam "chassis" which I eventually removed. That actually helped and reduced the wobble some. But it was never flyable. I keep looking at Quads and thinking I'd like one. I would have bought a Parrot, but they're only for iWhatever from Apple and I dislike their proprietary nature. (Go Android!)  Anyway, I wondered about replacing the electronics with newer parts, like for a UFO #5. But then, maybe it's at its best as a $120 art piece. :)


  • I bought a Walkera UFO 5 a couple of weeks ago and I have to say it doesn't do what it says on the box. I've got through two sets of rotor blades jsut trying to get it to hover and now it's developed a fixed spin, It goes up and just keeps spinning until it decides to head for the wall. The left hand trim has no effect and I suspect it may be a TX problem, but I'd be grateful for any ideas. Cheers, John
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