Have a look at the wearable groundstation, that I have built as cockpit for my Boeing 787-like drones avionics suite FlightZoomer...

The wearable groundstation has these features:

  • A solid carrying bracket allows to put on the whole groundstation without neckstrap
  • Perfect symbiosis between man and machine
  • You can sit, walk or drive with the groundstation put on
  • The tablet screen sits 30cm/12" in front of the eyes, which gives a very realistic feeling of sitting in a real cockpit
  • Like you step into a real cockpit, you can put on this groundstation
  • The RC transmitter is a Graupner MX16
  • All the utilities to handle the FPV video signal are built in (RC832 receiver, UVC USB capture, battery)
  • Weights less than 6kg (= you hardly notice the weight when put on)
  • Formidable sunshade solution, the gap between eyes and screen is almost entirely covered, the angle of the sunshade can be adjusted
  • There is a Microsoft Surface dial to control all relevant modes of the autopilot using a single turning knob (see my last blog post here).
  • The dial can be transport locked, using a spring loaded bracket

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Comment by Joe Renteria on May 31, 2017 at 12:40pm


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