The What, Why, and How of Protecting Your Drones

Drone protection is essential for those who do not want their investment in this expensive technology to go to waste. Therefore, there are a few critical areas in which drone owners can make sure their drones will last as long as the owner expects and be an enjoyable experience.

Safely transporting the drone by choosing the right equipment to prevent drone damage and purchasing a case and drone supplies are both critical for ensuring the proper protection of a drone.

Safe Battery Use

To prepare a drone for safe transportation, especially on an aircraft, the battery level should be about 35-50 percent due to the increased fire risk and their susceptibility to damage. The terminals of the batteries should also be protected from short circuit by using adhesive strips or films.

Since lithium batteries are at risk of spontaneous combustion, packing the batteries in a LiPo safe bag means it will be fireproof during transportation, and there will also be not as many problems while at the security checkpoint. Additionally, it is essential to make sure the lithium batteries can be put in a carry-on bag, and since these batteries are quite large, using a carry-on bag that is large enough to fit backup batteries.

Using a Carrying Case

A quality carrying case is essential for drone protection. A hard-shell case will not only protect the drone from damage, but it will also make it easier to carry around with no worry. Many people who choose to use a garment bag that is carried over the shoulder put their drones at risk since there is no hard protection.

A hard-shell case also provides the drone owner with slots that fit the drone perfectly into a secure place in which it cannot move. Drone users will find that an investment in a hard-shell carrying case is worth the investment as it will provide extra drone protection.

Overall, using a drone comes with the responsibilities of ensuring that it will be protected while the owner wishes to transport it. Investing in equipment, such as a fireproof battery case and a hard-shell carrying case will eliminate much of the risks associated with potential damage to the drone and its batteries. It is also a matter of convenience for the user to transport the drone and equipment in cases that are specially designed for it. For anyone wanting to use their drone in travel photography, taking the proper precautions is a must.

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