Hey guys i have been keeping an eye on the thermal imaging market trends.  Recently FLIR launched their new thermal imaging camera for the iphone 5!!  Thermal cameras traditionally sell for thousands of dollars for even an entry level unit but with the introduction of the FLIR ONE thermal camera these prices are being challenged.  The FLIR ONE is designed for the iphone 5 and retails for $350.  Well now FLIR has some competition!!  Seek thermal has just launched (9/25/2014) there thermal imaging camera for android and iphone which will retail for $200.  Some specs  of each below.....

FLIR ONE:  http://www.flir.com/flirone/

  • Fits iphone 5 and 5s only (it is designed to mount to a supplied i phone cover)
  • Thermal image resolution???? (uses their Lepton thermal camera)
  • Uses FLIR's thermal mixing (basically its the thermal image with a visible light image overlay to better outline the actual image)


Seek Thermal:  http://thermal.com/index.html

  • Available with either a standard iphone connector or with a micro USB connector (see their website for compatibility)
  • Thermal image resolution:  206 x 156 Array (uses the Vanadium Oxide Micro Bolometer)
  • 32136 pixels
  • No thermal mixing as in the FLIR ONE 



Seek Press Release:  http://thermal.com/img/press-assets/release/seek_thermal_pr_9-25-24.pdf

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    I don't think the FLIR One for Android is shipping yet.  I've been signed up for their developer and recently got a notification for the iOS version, but not Android.

  • and the price of flir one next gen is really cheap compared to other products

  • hello

    flir release the new gen of FLIR One from 2015 and it fit for Apple devices (inlcluded iPhone 6 and Plus) and for android devices with microsub connector, here you can check more info and photos, http://goo.gl/BolXoH 

  • Cuthbertsonlairedgroup

    Cuthbertson Laird Group are one of the top instrument distributors in the UK. Each of our three offices has its own dedicated calibration and repair laboratory.

  • Anyone know how to use the Seek XR with an oDroid C1 instead of sending an android phone up in your drone?

  • @Carl, right now the Seek Thermal - to the best of my knowledge - can only record to a smart phone. I'm hoping with the release of the Dev kit that it will be possible to construct an fpv device on something like a rasberry pi.

    For those interested here is a Seek Thermal video done at night, at about -20c, along a snowy trail in the forest. I wave my arms every 10m.


  • Can the Seek stream video at all or just record for review after the flight?

  • @Ray, too bad about the connection. I got my seek over a month ago and it connected with my galaxy note 2 in a snap! Amazing device. Awesome potential for drones. Hoping Seek releases their development kit ASAP so I can work towards an FPV system.

  • Always wanted something like this, bought a Seek and it was delivered early December.....

    My new Android phone is running Kitkat 4.4 (the phone has to use 4.3 or better) so should be good to go - downloaded the app and nothing.  Zero. not even an LED on the cam to indicate power or no.

    Emailed the Seek Thermal folks and got a quick reply, "you may need this little cord, some phones don't output power to the USB" and a link to Amazon to buy one.

    Well that sucks, but fair enough, they can't be responsible if the phone is limited.  Bought two different power inserter cords to be safe, and two power packs.

    Nothing, zero, nada.

    Lots'O'power but the app just still says 'insert camera'.

    I guess I'm gonna have to wait for the app to catch up with the hardware, but it still sux!


  • Nice work John. Curious to see what it looks like in the air.

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