Censi and Davide Scaramuzza of the University of Zurich present the first state-estimation algorithm.robotic   In a previous experiment Kumar gauged the robots’ location using a battery of external cameras that captured 1,000 exposures a second.

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Censi believes that his and Scaramuzza’s algorithm would allow a quadrotor with onboard feature event based neuromorphic sensorsto replicate Kumar’s results . The new algorithm’s first advantage is that it doesn’t have to identify features: Every event is intrinsically a change in luminance, which is what defines a feature. And because the events are reported so rapidly — every millionth of a second


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  • Very interesting technology, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to wait for the price to drop below $2800.00 for a single camera before I can start to look at it.

    Seems like it could be great used in combination with a normal camera or stereo pair.

  • That is interesting research. "One of the reasons we don’t yet have self-driving cars and mini-helicopters delivering online purchases is that autonomous vehicles tend not to perform well under pressure. A system that can flawlessly parallel park at 5 mph may have trouble avoiding obstacles at 35 mph."

  • That was four years ago. I wonder how far they are now.

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