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  • can send me a beer !

  • Amazing .  

  • Amazing .  

  • I think I just threw up a little bit watching that video.

  • This only works if you don't actually build up a high airspeed, and then level out and let the copter "coast" through the air while level.  If you do that, the wind blows the payload off the top, into the props, destroying them, resulting in a horrendous crash.

    Ask me how I know. (go to 1:38)

    And that canopy was actually secured to the frame, though obviously not well enough.

  • I see from a previous blog post Dominos is working on the pizza quad. 

  • There we go. There's a challenge. A flying beer bot! 

  • I know my quad can serve beers at my next party!

  • Wow! This is my video! O_o

    It's not fake :) These are the laws of physics (the curriculum).
    No autopilots. All hands only. It's easy if you know how to fly

    Part two with failure :) 

  • I would believe it better if they hadn't cut away to the flyer in the beginning - after the placement of the glass. Looks like classic FX tricks. Not to say it isn't possible. And of course, if I tried a flip, there would be way worse problems than spilled water.

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