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  • I like her performance. especially in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

  • Someone has hacked Chris's DIYD account...

  • finally a glamour touch to this high technology blog. I think this news has made us feel that there are other things associated with this blog besides codes and maths. very interesting information Chris. what we did not see in Spectre was that most of the shots were taken using a drone. ofcourse we would not see the drone.

  • Funny fact...but who cares? ;-)

    I'm not much a fan of Parrot (even though I have one) or the latest Bonds series. It ain't Bond, if it ain't got gadgets...and Mr Craig hasn't had a cool gadget, drone or car yet.  :-(

    At least Ms Seydoux made it more interesting with her character in play, but it still wasn't a Bond movie to me.

    Anyone notice that there has been a serious lack of "cool gadgets" in the latest spy etc movies. Most are either preposterous, or replaceable with the functionality of an simple app on a smart phone. In fact too many Ipads n Co in props nowadays. Boring! Where's my 2016 version of Star Trek gadgetry? Marvel agents of Shield have some "betterer" gear, swarming micro drones, VTOL etc,  but even there, I think we could really do with something where we can once again ask ourselves "just imagine if we had that?!"

  • I just watched her in a weird movie called The Lobster. She did well in Mission Impossible..
  • She also starred in "blue is the warmest colour", a much better film.

  • 3D Robotics

    It really was a terrible movie. Not even trying to be interesting. And Daniel Craig was so checked out.

  • I actually fell asleep at this movie, in the theater.

  • the daughter of a genius computer expert who is creating a global surveillance network

    Henri Seydoux

  • gossip chris

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