Now through Monday, Dec. 23, at 3 p.m., PST, get a drone’s eye view of your flight with 3DR's On Screen Display (OSD) kit with First Person View (FPV) monitor. You’ll enjoy a live video stream from your aircraft in addition to real-time mission data for a seamless flight experience!

This OSD bundle features everything you’ll need to outfit your vehicle with onboard video plus data transmission. The FPV monitor ensures a clear, crisp image even at a long range. Best of all, you won’t get the dreaded blue screen when the signal gets weak. Buy now for $374.49!

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  • Funny... An item is posted to promote it and valid questions are asked but not answered. What's the point
  • My Immersion RC has these freq:

    CH1:    5740
    CH2:    5760
    CH3:    5780
    CH4:    5800
    CH5:    5820
    CH6:    5840
    CH7:    5860

    The 3DR productpage doesn't list those freq: http://store.3drobotics.com/products/fpv-monitor

    but the Foxtech site here: http://www.foxtechfpv.com/32ch-58g-diversity-receiver-7-d700s-monit... (look for setting "B")

  • Is the monitor compatible with Fatshark/ImmersionRC?

  • Any answer on range? Wanted to order one before 12/23 to catch te sale
  • The package is OK but you should also buy 2 circular polarized (video TX and RX) and a helical antenna for the diversity. From what I see in the picture you get 3 video receivers (2 in the mointor wich has av out, and one extra). I wonder what to do with the 3rd. The monitor looks like the rebranded foxtech (D700-S) monitor I was also interested in.

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    Here is a link to the video monitor: Monitor


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  • Please give us some specs on the monitor.
    What size is the screen, etc.
    does the photo show two antennas?
  • Very nice set! How much (on average) range do you get with this setup. I know most are reluctant to give any numbers but in 3DRs tests how much range did you get?
    Thank you!
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