Thus was born. BOLIVIA. is a Bolivian company with OpenSource and OpenHardware ideology that develop, design and manufacture drones or UAVs technology, Rovers and Robotics.

This enterprise was born with the desire and dream show to the world that in Bolivia, we realize our dreams, we believe in our people and their ability to make advanced technology, respecting and recognizing the rights of national and international author, and from this how to share and work together in harmony with the Bolivians and the world people.

Thank you very much to all team and authors of MultiWii, ArduPilot, 3DRobotics and community for making this all possible and allow to study every detail of their technology.

Thanks for believing in BOLIVIA!

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Audio Title: Submotion Orchestra - Swan Song (Kidnap Kid Remix)
Author: MrSuicideSheep

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