Tiltrotor Quadcopter (v2)


A few months ago, I posted some video and pictures of a tilt-rotor quadcopter called iQuad. Since then, I've been working on building a new version of iQuad which is lighter, has a cleaner design, and adds FPV. The new iQuad weighs 1600 grams w/o batteries (down from 2260) thanks to a carbon fiber body and custom-built rotation mechanism and landing legs. My goal for this version is to achieve faster forward flight and eventually add 3D-printed wings to get airplane-like flight characteristics.

The previous iQuad used unmodified arducopter firmware, with the tilt servos being directly controlled by one of the channels on my radio, which limited the tilt angle at which the APM was still able to produce stable flight. For this version, I am going to control the tilt servos directly from the APM, for which I'll need to write some custom firmware. (any help would be appreciated as I am new to arducopter development)

Here are some more photos:




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  • im going to be using 4 sunnysky 3525-520kv motors with master air screw 13x8 3 blade props 3702391384?profile=original

  • servo city parts list cost $395

    5/8" Aluminum Tubing
    635274 4
    Dual Pinch Bolt, Face Tapped Clamping Hubs, 0.770" Pattern
    545344 4
    6-32 Black-Oxide Socket Head Machine Screws
    1.250" (1-1/4)
    91251A155 16
    1/4" Bore Side Tapped Pillow Block 535130 8
    5/8" Bore 90° Patterned Clamping Mount 545368 4
    Standard Servo Plate B 575124 2
    HS-645MG Servo
    Clockwise (stock)
    Stock Rotation
    32645S00 2
    C1 Spline Servo to 1/4" Shaft Coupler (Set Screw) 525134 2
    5/8" Bore Side Tapped Pillow Block 535142 4
    3.00” Aluminum Channel 585442 4
    Set Screw D-Hubs (Tapped), 0.770" Pattern
    545579 4
    6-32 Zinc-Plated Socket Head Machine Screws (25 pack)
    0.3125" (5/16)
    632108 4
    1/4" Stainless Steel D-Shafting
    634080 2
    36.0” Aluminum Channel 585711 1
    #6 Round Nylon Spacers (0.140” ID 0.250” OD)
    0.500" (1/2)
    561-K6-50 16
    Steel Set Screw Collars
    Inside Diameter
    6432K12 6
    Shafting and Tubing Spacers (12 pack)
    633104 1
    Hitec Super-Duty Y-Harnesses
    Wire Length
    SY2224S 1
    1/4" Bore Shaft Mount Bevel Gears
    # of teeth
    615444 2
    1/4" Bore Shaft Mount Bevel Gears
    # of teeth
    615442 2
    1/4" Stainless Steel D-Shafting
    634068 2
    1/4" Bore Shaft Mount Bevel Gears
    # of teeth
    615398 4
  • ok so I just ordered all the parts to build one from servocity $395 not counting ESC s motors or flight controller and batteries. funny thing is I had designed​ it alot like yours long before I found your video. I was going to build a manned drone tilt rotor but I think I will start small. I'm using beveled 90 degree gears instead of the gears that you used and a frame made from servocity channel aluminum. it will have a tail and wings for forward flight. motors will tilt forward 0-45-90 degrees with a switch but with the switch at zero the right stick will have control of tilt. if the switch is at 45 or 90 degrees the right stick will have no control over tilting but only control the tail and wing control surfaces. I am thou wondering if in a bank turn in aircaft mode will it matter if the FC is trying to right the craft even thou the motor are facing forward? won't this cause the nose to tip up? I think this can be cancelled with programming​ the FC to go to a new set of PID settings when the switch is moved to full forward flight.

  • Hi,

    did you make any progress on the handling of the of the tilting from the APM ? I'have the same interest in a tilted approach.



  • 3701842942?profile=originalThis is a test wing but it gives you a better idea of the scale.

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