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Tiny PCB quad gets an upgrade


Update from Hackaday. This looks like a good candidate design for a cheap open source version of the cool U-Penn GRASP Lab swarming quads.  The company plans to manufacture and sell them. 

Crazyflie, the itty bitty quadcopter that uses a PCB for its frame is at the cusp of being able to fly without a PC. We were enamored with it when we first spotted it, and the Crazyflie has only gotten better. As you can see, a new PCB gives it a slightly more stylized look, but that’s not all. There have been major improvements to the design of the software, and various parts of the hardware. They’re waiting for the final prototype to arrive from the factory to test the ultimate goal, PC-less flight.  We’re not sure why this tiny quadcopter is so enthralling, but it sure has us captivated.

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  • $139 USD for a bit bigger version. (not by much)


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  • I would like to program it to attack the hornets around my house.  And if it keeps getting smaller then the mosquitos better watch out.

  • Are they trying to use Chinese manufacturing?  The turnaround is taking forever.

  • That is f#@&ing epic.  What is the projected cost of one of these ready to fly?


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