3689645871?profile=originalHi yet again, guys.

besides the search system for UAS, answering questions in ibeacon post, we've been developing some new designs.

Here are some bakery right off the DIY bench for your attention, dear pilots, developers and implementors.

These naked babies, tiny PCB modules are instances of Switch mode Constant Current High power Buck (step down) converters, made to deliver up to 3A of solid constant current (with no flicker) to a LED module like good-old Cree XML-T6 and to be dimmed up to 20 kHz pwm high frequency or just switched logically with no drain on or off as well.

Some details I tried to cover in short video on 3A LED Driver

One of these modules connects directly to your 3 or 4 cell LiPo battery and feeds up to 4 High current LEDs connected in series from 4 cell LiPo battery or up to 3 from 3 LiPo cells

The lower one is three channel Constant Current Buck tuned to run with an RGB powerful LED like one in the middle of the photograph. This three channel one was implemented to serve as a state and event external indicator for an autonomous system.

Cheers, and you're welcome with any questions you like, as always.

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  • The listing is covering only the single channel high current led driver,

    the three channel one I'm still testing, and going to embed it in sort of indicator GPS mast to finally implement my dreams.

  • Thank you for your interest, Kabir,

    Certainly, check my ebay store listing:

    Constant Current Power Supply

    Yet couple more options, I have not covered yet are:

    1) Packaging and heat sink of the module - if you run only one LED at voltage drop ± 3.3V - efficiency is around 93% and small heatsink packaging is highly recommended.

    In case of driving two or more LEDs efficiency rises up to 97%, yet nice packaging with heatsink would be a best practice.

    2) Exact constant current value could be customized from 1 Amp up to 3 Amps (via changing reference voltage drop)

    now I have two modifications:

    2.67 Amps and 3 Amps

  • Developer

    Is this available for sale somewhere? 

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