Tips about quadcopter lipo battery

Lipo battery have become an essential part of drone, but if you do not know maintain them, here you come the right place.


How to charge a lipo battery for the first time?

In my experiences, the IR of lipo battery is still coming down after 5 cycles even as many as 10 cycles, therefore you will have more better flights from a battery with 10 cycles on it than with 5 cycles on it for the first time.

As we know, in battery safety instructions is that 1c charge rate is the standard “safe” rate.

Charging amps is depended your lipo battery brand and capacity, therefore it’s very important in chosing the best battery for quadcopter. such as, Gensace lipo battery can be charged at up to 5C but not every brand can to do, as well.


How do I know when it is charged?

Charge times = Charge coefficient * Battery capacity / Charge current

Mostly,For the vast majority of LiPos, the Charge Rate is 1C, therefore the charge coefficient value is 1.1 and charge with 0.2C then coefficient value is 1.5.

Typically, a 1c charge rate is going to charge a lipo in around an hour, no matter the cell count or capacity.

Generally,the charger you bought will stop charging when the voltage hits 4.2 per cell, it can chase the voltage until it reaches the voltage, it is no need to worry about that.

But it is depended the brand of charger. A quality product make out customer confident and convenient. 


How to choose the best battery for quadcopter?

Before choosing the battery for your quadcopter, you should know about the flight times, C-rate, Capacity, Average Amp Draw, brands and price of the battery.

For example,

Flight time =(Battery Capacity * Battery Discharge /Average Amp Draw)*60

For calculate your quadcopter flight time, you have to know three factors: Battery Capacity , Battery Discharge and Average Amp Draw

It's a complex process that I high recommend this detail article about how to choose the best battery for quadcopter, After reading it, you will know how to do.


How to keep your drone flying continuously?

There is actually a ton of ways to extend the battery life of your drone without having to insert a new battery unless that’s your plan. However, if you want some other options to try, we’ve got them.

  1. Knowing when to charge the battery
  2. Keep an extra battery
  3. Check the weather before you go
  4. Remove your camera
  5. Remove the prop guards
  6. Don’t destroy your battery
  7. The proper voltage

Extending your flight time is easy as pie, and there is a ton of ways to do so. Knowing how to extend the flight time to the full extent of your drone is solely based on your drone, so knowing your drone is very important.


How to protect lipo batteries?

The charging current must not exceed the maximum current specification identifies the general should not exceed 2C;

Discharge current may not exceed the maximum current specification logo.

The battery should be done to treat transport filling , crash and other measures to prevent the battery to severe shocks or vibration ;

No over discharging, No over-charging, No fully-charged storage


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