I finally have found some time and good weather conditions to try my new quadcopter.

Unfortunately, it was absolutely not like I thought it would.



After few attempts (three), I noticed that it was not well "balanced" and has the tendency to fly sideways.

But then, the unexpected happens. It took off by it self. I wasn't touching anything on the remote and went up a meter and half before I decided to take it down using the sticks to not to lose it.

Here are some pictures that I took after the crash.



3689512593?profile=originalSo I was wondering if there's a way to know how it behaved this way to avoid this from happening next time?

Anyway, it seems like I will not be flying it any time soon as many bolts broke and I can't get my hand on any soon.

I hope you guys have an idea and can help me understand what really happened!



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  • ArduCopter is infamous for turning on motors on its own initiative. It happened so many times on my that I got scared of it and decided to call it quits, leaving a big scratch in my laptop display as a memory. I am happy with ArduPlane though..



  • Now that I am back from my four day weekend I plan on my maiden flight for saturday. Spent the last two weeks testing and writing up pre-flight checklist and flight calibration which I plan to post up tonight. Well worth the wait since finish he build as it gave me time to learn more so i did extra configuring, calibrating, checking connections, programming and testing fails safes as well as testing interference from JVC axxion wifi camera. Although I have sent this back and will buy the go pro 3 silver. Axxion was good because you could stream to mission planner HUD but could not get it to stream in HD.

    Even I thought I had done lots of research but find I am continuously learning something new each day. This will probably continue after my first flight. Wish me luck.
  • I agree with John, I use the wookong M in my multis, the naza is brilliant and as close to click and go as you can get, i have just purchased an apm, I will be relacing all my wookongs with the apm 2.5, its cheaper more powerful in terms of ability but takes time to get to know how to operate it properly, not to mention very rewarding. A little time and a few crashes are par for the course if you still learning, Imaging if it was easy, no reward in that.

  • I read your story and scrolled up to see what kind of radio you were using and instantly recognized the culprit.  I had an Optic6 with which I lost several aircraft due to glitching.  I am sorry for the damage to your Quad, but I was not surprised to see the Optic6 which caused me so many lost craft myself.  I would get a different radio.  I almost guarantee that was the problem.  I had glitching when I was alone in parks, alone in the mountains, and most often at the local flying field.  Just my 2 cents.  

  • The apm board is a very capable and impressive.  But until the thing is flying stable in stabilize mode , have every setting in stabilize mode.  When flying good under full control, then do the other things. I have messed with the kk boards (alot) and this unit is the stuff. (if set up correct). Dont expect it to be to easy. But will take a fair to a bunch of time time to learn and test. Also really helps if a person has flown something (airplane, heli).  Check - Double check - and re-check again. Happy flying. Snow is melting....

  • I haven't been into RC before and brought the 3DR Quad kit about 10 weeks ago. Had a mate give me some help but mainly in terms of what TX to buy (DX8) etc. I have had a few "hiccups" like giving my arm a slice once and a free fall from 35-40 metres 2 weeks ago, but apart from that my experience has been AWESOME! I've had this thing doing missions, had it up to 130 metres taking video, flying around at warp speed, had some great fun! You just have to take it easy, READ HEAPS, listen to the advice here and you'll be ok. It does pay to be handy with tools and electronics though so you can fix the bloody thing after smashing it up! :-)

  • no these are easy to crash.

    My crashes tent to occur from signal loss or power failure (the power plug comes off) or from the ardumega spazzing which it has done a few times
  • My firsts five to ten attemps finished that way. At first i was using a custom rc transmiter/receiver, so i expected things could go wrong. Then i bought a cheap transmiter/receiver (yeah, I know!), and it didn't get much better at first. With both systems the quadcopter took off, got unbalanced (it wasn't already tunned) so I take it down too fast, and when it hit the ground it suddenly got crazy. I totaly loose control. That happened several times. The only thing that prevented a few flayaways was I was testing on my garage (I was wearing my helmet just in case xD).

    At last I stopped been lazy and double check everything once again, and most important, I used a separate power suply for the receiver. That solved all my problems!.   

    Between fix and fix, I realized this is not a toy. Yeah, you read that here all the time but you don't feel it until you bite the dust like everyone else. So I ordered a F330, a KK board, and all bits necesary for a quadcopter I dind't mind to chrash once and again, just to practice. In the mean time I bought a micocopter in a local store. Both toys helped a lot with my flying skills. Now I have two toys and one amazing system (APM) that never crashed again. Of course it will, sooner or later, but in the mean time I enjoy it and learn a lot! 

    Good luck, be patience, and double check everything.

  • Too bad about the crash but thank you for sharing the photos and putting a discussion together that shows the real community spirit of this site; positive feedback!  I'm one of I'm sure many on the peripherals that benefit by those that contribute.

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    how about one without and rc transmitter attached

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