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  • It apparently is controlled like a single blade of a helicopter, with virtual "collective" and "cyclic" pitch on the flap actuator

    "Development and Flight Validation of an Autonomous Mono-Wing UAS"

    - Roy

  • it appears the wire just keeps the wing up and the prop off of the floor.  I think you are right to put "cheaply" in quotes. LOL,  But I searched DIYdrones for "maple seed" and a few other similar devices came up.

  • Developer

    Interesting video although I wish he was more specific about how the control is done.  He says things like "various sensors" and "close the loop".  To give him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps this is just so it's accessible to a wider audience.

    Anyone know what's that wire thing half way along the wing? (see 5:43)

    I wonder what he means my "cheaply"? (see 4:09)  :-).

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