Are you traveling somewhere with your UAV or drone? Want to become more aware of potential issues at checkpoints?  This page offers links to relevant DIY Drones content back through 2007. 

Do you have direct, personal experience with checkpoints to, from or within your country? Why not share on this blog post to help other DIY Drones members avoid a problem?

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    They were shipped by 3DRobotics shipping Dept via FEDEX I did,t make the arraignments myself. They may have the certs, as they ship lipos for normal business.

  • @Mark Colwell.  Can you give more details on how you shipped your LiPos?  We've taken them as carry-on many times all over the world following the DOT rules but I've never found a shipper that would touch them unless we had a huge amount of hazardous material training and certifications.

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    Just returned from a road trip to Maker Faire SF with a heavy lift Quad and a fast Stryker prop job both visable in back seat I had no issues traveling from Colorado to San Francisco and back. I did get some funny looks from 2 older citizens, kids liked them. No issues when traveling to San Diego in March 2012, With same, I shipped the Lipos (~2 kilos) back to CO when I flew back (I left my car for a two week and drove it back on second trip) DHS was not interested at Airport or the vehicle checkpoints on I-8.

  • I'm traveling on US domestic flights from Australia right now. I have a hexacopter in a large Pelican 1740 case with all it's accessories. I haven't had any issues with my Lipos which I think might be due to the labels I attached to them before leaving. I also make sure that I have a hard copy of the regulations with me as well.


  • Thanks Christian. For quick reference by DIYD members with larger UAVs, the Phantom 2 Vision+ uses a 3S, 5200 mAh battery, rated at 57.72 watt-hours according to the formula on this TSA webpage, therefore that battery is currently less than the 100 wh lower threshold for "Larger Lithium Ion batteries". TSA restrictions on packing of spare batteries are on this TSA webpage

  • I take my phantom as carry on all the time. I usually get asked questions but because all the parts are TSA approved it never becomes a problem.

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