TREMOR GCS progress

Some more progress on the GCS. I integrated a line builder and line manager. The line builder contains the editor to edit GPS coordinates of the line, as well as options for line thickness and color. The line manager imports these coordinates as a set, and given a name. This clears up the line builder, allowing multiple lines to co-exist.

The Line builder can import a list of GPS coordinates from a text file with the format:

lat lon
lat lon

I plan on adding a 3rd dimension, but i don't yet have a barometric pressure sensor.

This is zoomed in to show the Open Street map layer.

The line appears shifted from the road, but it is really aligned. The line right now is at an elevation of 2500 km, so the shifting is due to the perspective distortion. Any lower, the line disappears into the ground (the globe has elevation data). I need to figure out how to have the line at ground level.
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  • Good to hear progress is being made. Are you going to integrate it with MEGA by any chance and will you have the function of dynamic re-tasking while in flight?
  • aRavi

    Sounds very cool. Take your time, make it right. Look forward to further progress.
  • It will be capable of full control from the ground, I plan on adding joystick support, as well as connecting a traditional transmitter to a computer much like simulators use.

    Progress is on hold while I work on my flight controller, I am going to rewrite the code for the GCS to clean it up (I will probably rewrite again after that one more time). Sorry for the lack of progress, I have been really busy with high priority stuff!
  • Is this really a ground control station or a ground monitoring station? Semantics only, not being high and smarty or anything.

    As for names, Nothing wrong with Tremors unless its an acronym... :)
  • So its not really a HUD, but the OSD?
  • Hah, there you go already asked...:p
  • I agree re: dials. Dials make it look good an dhappening, but for a GCS simpler is better with emphasis on showing where the airframe is on the map, I say.

    How does the HUD work since none is on the plane to see it?... ;)
  • Ravi what happened to your GCS, any updates yet?
  • If you do put a HUD Overlay on the video means you will have two cameras. One being pilot view (from the nose) and another one being a gimbal camera that can be operated by the payload operator.
  • Put the HUD either Left or Right Top corner and all mission critical information below it. Dont forgot a section for waypoints so you can see what waypoint its currently at and what is the next waypoint.
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