Trent@MyGeekShow USA Trip Conclusion

"Remember, MyGeekShow has always been about failure, learning from it and making progress"

3689603065?profile=originalPeople who have been following Trent's journey will be aware his USA Trip, which received assistance via a successful funded Indiegogo campaign, was ended prematurely due to unforeseen complications.  Sadly, and adding insult the injury of his defeat, he has also had to endure some particularly unpalatable comments from those among his audience.  I expect that the almost unanimous chorus counselling him to sweep the leg and power on come what may, while obviously well intentioned, would also have given him somewhat mixed feelings.

Frankly it is overwhelmingly clear that Trent had little option but to abort his mission, as it was the only responsible course of action he could take in the circumstances.  Personally I think his decision to do so, even in the face of what must have seemed to have been an almost overwhelming pressure to push on, shows him to be exceedingly well qualified for the task he has set himself.

After a week of down time spent, among other things, nursing his pride and gathering his thoughts, Trent has reemerged with a direct and hard hitting response to his critics and an outpouring of appreciation for his supporters along with a detailed and well reasoned explanation of exactly why he chose to end his ambitious project early.  Most importantly, he has also reaffirmed his commitment to his ambitious project, which is fantastic news.

I look forward to continuing to follow Trent's progress as he works through the improvements, advancements and refinement necessary to better prepare him for the next attempt along with the opportunity to again support him in his endeavour.

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  • Good call, and I look forward to learning what you find as you exam the data from the trip.  It would be interesting to see if you could have a couple of followers that might have the ability to gauge the RF noise in areas along your flight path.

    Don't give up, exam your data, develop some probable solutions and do more testing.


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    Trent the legend! Well done. You made the right decision.

  • Distributor

    Go Trent!!

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