3D printed tricopter - latest version.


Thought I'd share some pics of my latest tricopter, it'll be the 10th version and the second 'flying prototype' (with any luck).

The design has come a long way, I suspect its still over target weight but I *really* want to get this thing flying.

Its all printed in PLA so it can be made on any printer, even the really basic ones.

There have been quite a few changes, however here are the specs :-

- PixFalcon

- Raspberry Pi 2

- Arduino Teensy

- PiCam

- DYS 850kv motors, 10x4.5 props

- 30A ESC

- Dualsky 2300mAh PiPo (4S)

- Camera gimbal (only 1-axis)

- Bluetooth, Wifi, (3G possible)

- PS2 Controller

- GS9018 servos for gimbal & tail boom, 2:1 gear ratio for tailboom

The Pi2 streams video, telemetry via mavproxy, talks to the PS2 controller directly over bluetooth or via wifi to the groundstation, and streams controller inputs to the Arduino Teensy via I2C.

The Arduino handles all the real time stuff, it generates an SBus signal for the PixFalcon and will (eventually) sample sonar sensors.

Everything else is pretty standard. The camera gimbal is vibration damped with foam ear plugs, the PixFalcon as well by clamping it between foam pads and the front booms fold back for transport.

Here are some more photos :-




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