Trimming is an important part of control design. By finding natural equilibrium points in a system, less control effort is required to keep the plane flying as desired. This software lets you compute trim points for aircraft ranging from the easystar and quadrotors to f16's and 737's. Anything that can be modelled with a JSBSim model will work.


There are many JSBSim models already developed for flight simulators like FlightGear that can be used as low fidelity models. For higher fidelity models, wind tunnel data can be used within the JSBSim file as done with the easystar model in mavsim. All of this software is open source and available for download.


If you find any bugs please post them here:

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Comment by Randy on March 9, 2011 at 5:48am


     I guess this is the trim required to compensate for the single propeller on an airplane?  i.e. a prop that rotates clockwise causes the body of the plane to rotate counter clockwise so you need to lean right to counter this?

Comment by James Goppert on March 9, 2011 at 6:05am
It does take that into account for the steady level flight and there is a bit of that. When it is leaned way over though that was because I was trying to trim at a given turn rate. For instance, you could design a controller who's job was to hold the plane in a 10 deg/s coordinated turn etc.


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