Trip to Candy Store!

First sorry for the blurry pictures the camera on my phone is crap. I have been back to the phone store 3 times to get a new one and every time there is a line up of kids getting new electronic devises for school and they tell me there is an hour wait. I just give up and leave. I live in the boonies and about once a month I make a pilgrimage to the big city and the hobby shop for parts for my scratch build .When I am in the city I spend the night at a motel I call the "South pacific " The back ground with the ocean,beach and palm tree is actually a mural on the wall of the motel room.The proprietor and I have an "understanding" I give him $cash he folds it puts it in his pocket no paper work.(I let him know a week ahead I am coming.)Cash still works in Canada and once you are out of the main populated Cor odor
3689475967?profile=original3689475935?profile=original3689475815?profile=original3689475993?profile=original in most places  there is little cell phone coverage or Debit machines  Satellite phones are catching on in the far North
Yesterday I walked into the hobby shop to pick up a strip of balsa and some nylon make the rudder for my scratch build and some thing "Magical Happened ?"
I walked out with  a F4 Phantom 32 DF. platnum series The power train for my scratch build was designed for it. I have everything to build the plane excpt the retractable landing gear I am going to file it away and save it for my'"Winter Project".I am going to continue building the scratch build and try it out and if ther is not enough power I already got the "Guts "for the Phantom and I will go to another means of propulsion like a Jet cat turbine . a gas propeller or a large electric prop.While I was in the big city
We went to a flick at "Silver City " and in the lobby is a mobile of a guy peadling a bomb with flappin gwings and the propeller turning . Have a Nice day!

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  • Hi Guys here is a link to a video review of the F4 I bought Enjoy!

  • Thanks Doug I only planned on spending $20. tops. 

  • There is nothing like the candy at the candy store eh?

    I always come away from my LHShops with something.. usually parts for the silly helis I keep crashing.

    The Blade120SR is a good analog to the Arducopter.. except the Arducopter is way easier to fly IMHO.

    I am glad you have a 'plan B' for the EDF. Plan B almost always works.


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