I just stumbled into this project of a super-cheap tri/quad copter build ripping apart the Wii controller (gyros) and the Nunchuck (accellerometers): TriWiiCopter
It is based on Arduino Mini. Quite a difference from most other copters that use dedicated sensors and super-powerful boards.

Tricopter 06 - TriWii NK test 1 from Joël Cordier on Vimeo.

Another interesting thing from this project is the frame. It looks all carbon fiber, very nice.


Also look at this video showing how to tune the PID constants on the field, directly from the radio: this guy is a genius

Tricopter 05 - TriWii led & buzzer demo from Joël Cordier on Vimeo.

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  • Is this the first use of the WiiMote as an IMU? I've heard some talk on the subject in the past, but this is the first working example I've seen.

    If so: thank you very much. I suspect well documented WiiMote IMUs will significantly lower the barriers to entry to newcomers.
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