Trying out 2.9 on a windy day.

I had it up and down about 10 minutes yesterday, it was pretty windy so I was mainly just putting it up, trying loiter, then RTL over and over.  I take video with an old deactivated iPhone 4 and it usually does really well, I don't know what was up with the horizontal lines yesterday.

Also note the bad bearing on #4 motor when it spins down, It's been like that since new but I guess I'll replace it soon.




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  • Ace man! Congratulations!

    So when are we going to start the Carolinas Multirotor Club?

    I nominate you for the Presidency. I will take New Member integration tasks.

    They should be easy jobs. Two members so far.. ;)


  • Yea, I have several spare motors on order.  And this video is from yesterday afternoon in less (but still some) wind.  This is the kind of video performance I've always gotten except for the post above.

  • Jello is very likely from vibration. And a "bad" bearing is going to get worse. I would take what's happening as a warning that it's past time to change out that motor ...

  • What's weird is I've flown that iPhone onboard a bunch now and this is the first time it's done that.  It usually looks like this.  The bounciness in this one is from not having a back brace on my homemade mount, which I have now and it doesn't bounce like that.

  • I tried flying an iPhone 4 and I had the same jello results no matter what I tried. The bad bearing maybe be contributing to the vibration causing the jello.

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