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  • Congrats , Wayne , Any videos? One stick plane??
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    Oh also will it sustain altitude single engine?
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    Well done!

    Is that with quite a bit of weight up front??

    What chance a copy of the XFLR5 file as this post made me download it and start fiddling with it!! Still a bit lost. I had not heard of it before.

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    IT FLIES !!!!
    the test went great , it flies like a dream .more testing to come . it is one slick plane .
  • Thanks Wayne for the link , I am now even more confused about the in-runner and out runner, guess I do have to walk the walk. Would be be fun to find all there is to find about in/out runners. good luck @ flight line.

    BTW who ever took that photo knew what he/she was doing. Wanted us to see that they are contra rotating by aligning both the prop right way , one in 2 clock and other in 11 clock position( symmetrical but opposing) IHMO or was it just by chance they aligned like that :)). , Color choice in Sim/XFLR are cool.
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    @ morli
    sharp eyes . yes one is a "pusher" prop and contra-rotates . I use in runners because they are more efficient , because the air gap is smaller in volume then a comparable out runner .
  • Hi Wayne ,
    about the " gap between stator and rotor.... , voltage drop" , have you modified the in-runner motor? Is there some advantage of it when done over out-runner motor? I know are cheaper including the BEC/ESC etc that goes with it. Also it looks to me( I tried bit of zoom but res was not that good to be sure) that the motor/prop are contra rotating?!! It does make sense to me if answer is Yes. Thanks for all the hints
  • Hi wayne,
    Good luck for test flights. Are your loading this beauty with full payload/s.for test flights? Will you test it without any payload probably with dummy payload to imitate the weight to test the flight characteristics? Can you hint if not tell us as to how you( company policy/perspective) go about testing a new design in stages/steps if possible? have you added any skids to bottom of tubular fuselage to protect it from landing rashes ? or any other forms of protection both bottom and nose. What happened to the original tail color? Thanks once again for sharing your hard work.
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    plane is done and ready for test flight . Thursday weather permitting.

    download?file_guid=336&view=inlinethe tube

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