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  • Wayne, why is the inrunner more efficient than the outrunner ? One good thing with the outrunner is that you can use big props without gearbox.
  • I have been looking around the net.The body could be built out of a model rocket airframe ..Then cover with a fiberglass or kevlar sock
    Should not be all that hard to build this neet drone.
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    This is the advantage of living close to the largest building in the world . ya i wish this was my hobby shop.
  • Hey Garris, nice photos you added recently !
    Seems great setup there !, surely very difficult for an individual UAV hobby guy to have such a big setup.
    What is this moulding frames made of ?

    Inrunner motors becomes very hot while runing, take that into consideration, further outrunner motors have better efficiency and better endurance as compared with the inrunner motors. This I am saying based on my own experience. I generally do my own winding of the motors as per my own requirement.

    You also need to put bended spring wire under the tail boom end to act like a landing gear and protect the rudder of the plane.
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    Opps sorry i should have said 90 MPH not knots so converting gives 78.2 knots
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    @ isobot
    yes you are right servo is buried in the vert stab and the servo for the full flying elevator is buried in the elevator its self.and thank for the compliment .
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    here are a few more pics from the shop at Stoddard int.




  • Beautiful! I like the simple, clean lines. Love the tail design, looks like the tail servo is fully buried in the vertical stab.
  • Now that is good looking UAV, some good craftsman ship , cool artistic choice of florescent colors tail lines, looking at whole picture shows good workshop equipped for large fiberglass workshop or at least that's what it looks like to me (surely not a DIY setup IMHO. There are some good brains in this forum who with just little imagination can figure this UAV's airframe setup/basic design out. To me it looks like torpedo with good long range wings for loooong range deployment if there is such a thing. Thank you very much for sharing your hard work and inspiring me. I have to imagine little harder as to your hardware package , placements while maintaining the cool lines unless you are custom modeling the antennas too, hope you will share few more pics and HW placement ideas( appreciate it if you can). I can only imagine it is removable 2 pod sort of design ( one being the cam in front and behind it being the AP H/W pod). Is 90 K Vne and if so what is the Vno pls, the reason I am asking is with such wing span, why such a speed when it probably can float all day along and will such wing take it?! I am not a aero engineer and having a steep learning curve to climb. Thanks once again.Good luck.
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    @ Rana
    cant go into great detail about motors but my philosophy is this: high voltage ,high impedance , "inrunner"( much more efficient),gear box , big prop . also i used this to calculate motor performance
    @ GARY
    wing tips are on but its raining cats and dogs and ufo shaped balloons . lol. will get more pics when the weather is ready for test flights
    @ Craig & Gary & Rana & Sarel & Benjamine
    thank you very much for the compliments !
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